5 Amazing French Door Curtains Reviews to Make your Home Stunning

French Door Curtains

Want to buy the Best French Door curtains around? Looking for French Door Curtain ideas? You are in the right place.

French door curtains add distinctive architectural features and provide an integrated look to the windows in the room. That is why many people choose French doors over others. In here you will get the best french door curtain ideas for the home.

When you are going to add coverings to French doors, think those as windows instead of doors.

A few things to remember while treating the window of the French doors:

  • Present home decor system
  • Desired amount of light in the room
  • Privacy requirements
  • Budget


Drapery for french doors is very important to give an elegant look at your house. Patio door curtains are important too. French door bead curtains are now very popular.Try to choose the right French door panel.


A Comparison of the Best brands of French Door Curtains





Montauk Sheer Drapery Panel Montauk Sheer Drapery Panel Check now

53-Inch by 63-Inch Grommet Panel, Antique

Sheer Voile French Door Curtain Panel Sheer Voile Door Curtain Panel Check now

72-Inch French Door Curtain Panel, White

Aquazolax Solid Blackout Thermal Curtains Aquazolax Solid Blackout Thermal Curtains Check now

54″ W x 72″ L, Red

Deconovo Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains Deconovo Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains Check now

for Boys Room 42 By 95 Inch Dark Green 1 Pair

Tan French Door Curtain  Tan Door Curtain  Check now  One Panel, 54″ Wide x 72″ Long, Beige


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How to Choose:


Gathered Sheers – When and Why

You can add a transparent or patterned curtain by installing two rods, one at the top and another at the bottom of the window panel. To create soft folds and gathers, spread the transparent panels across the top and bottom rods.

When you need a budget option to filter light with some daytime privacy to the doors, sheers work just fine in such cases.

To let more light in and for a different decor, tie a matching ribbon or a bit of fabric in the middle of the curtain. If you are looking are looking for sheers for french doors, this is perfect for you.



Cellular Shades – When and Why

Cellular shades have the best qualities in light filtering or room darkening and easily fit within the dimensions of French doors. Its accordion type fold offers energy-efficient affordability at any position (in the up or down).

One can easily install these within an hour, and these shades come with two options: top-down or bottom-down. By simply pulling the cord you can let the sunshine in easily. This french door sheer panel is really cool.


Roman Shades – When and Why

The best privacy treatment on French doors is the use of Roman shades. The fabric lets the light in easily as well as close off the room against prying eyes.

If you do not secure the bottom part, the shades flap against the window panels when someone enters or leaves through the doors. While selecting coverings for window panels, you have to keep it in your mind that Roman shades are easy to operate.  This french door shade is very elegant.

You can count is as the best shades for french doors.


Pooled Curtains – Luxurious

No single decor rule tells you to attach the window treatment to the French doors. If you want to go simple and match the other decorations in the house, your excellent pick is to cover with curtains.

You can cover the doors with standard curtains or drapes by installing a large decorative rod above it. To pool on either side of the French doors,  purchase long curtains for a luxurious look.


Window Blinds

Blinds also work on these doors, but you need to devise a solution to manage the blinds around the door handles.

You can use vinyl, metal or wooden blinds on French doors if the room is already decorated with blinds. You must secure the blinds at the bottom, or it may damage your French doors.

You also must be careful when choosing shower curtain rod , corner curtain rod , double curtain rods or magnetic curtain rods. Even ceiling mount curtain rods or tracks. Rods play a vital role on the curtains. Not only it carries weights of the curtains,  but also gives a cool look and feel.

You can count is as the best blind for french doors.


French Door Curtains Blackout:

These kind of heavy blinds for french doors are use to completely darkening your room. No sunlight will be able to pass once you have used the blackout curtains.

You will need to use good light in the room to match the decoration. Black out curtains also prevents heat from coming in.

Works really well if you have AC in the room. Prevents the air from passing out. This is actually a heavy drapery for french doors.

You should use proper black out curtain panel so that it can take the weight properly. Other wise the panel just might collapse. You can use french door curtain rods as well. Double curtain rods will certainly help you a lot. These are elegant looking and take a lot of weight.

Best Blinds for French Doors [Top 5]:

  • Montauk Sheer Drapery Panel:
  • Sheer Voile French Door Curtain Panel
  • Aquazolax Solid Blackout Thermal Curtains
  • Deconovo Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains
  • Tan French Door Curtain


Montauk Sheer Drapery Panel:

Montauk Sheer Drapery PanelWake up every morning to the dreamy effect created by the classic Montauk Sheer Panel in your room. This feather-like drape is available in four different colors and can transform incoming light with heavenly effect. For an instant makeover for your bedroom or living room, just hang the drape on the windows of your French doors.

This drapery panel features ribbon-like squares in an elegant 100% polyester fabric. The Montauk drapery panel easily fits in any curtain rod that has a diameter of 1.5” or less. Each panel has eight iron grommets for hanging on rods and easy to set up on the doors or windows.
One can wash the Montauk Drapery Panel in a machine and can be line dried.

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Sheer Voile Door Curtain Panel

These curtains are not too heavy and allow enough light into the room. Sheer Voile French Door curtains are beautiful and very sheer which results in less privacy.

In such cases, one can add more curtains to each door panel for some extra privacy. Three curtains per door panel would be enough to decor your new home or farmhouse.


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Aquazolax Solid Blackout Thermal Curtains

Aquazolax Thermal curtains are made of 100% high-quality soft polyester which will add both beauty and elegance to your room.

Blocking sunlight will be easy as these curtains contain nice thick material to give you a solid privacy. They bring a fashionable style to your French doors at a great value.

These curtains can cut your electricity bills by keeping the heat during the winter and reflect the sunlight during the hot summer. Aquazolax curtains offer you a cost-efficient better living condition.

These curtains reduce sunlight coming from the outside and keep your room dark. Aquazolax Door Panels
dress up your doors nicely so that the car lights would no longer bother you at night.

When opening the door, it would not make a noise as the blinds do. These materials provide you complete privacy and do not allow a view through. They would make your life happier by keeping inside activities with your family and friends utmost.

Fade resistant materials protect your valuable furniture from the direct heat of morning sunlight. All Aquazolax curtains are durable and crafted for topmost luxury. They are easy to set-up, clean and maintain. This is a perfect curtain for double french doors.

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Deconovo Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

Deconovo Insulated Blackout Curtains provide a comfortable and lively atmosphere in your room as they have a silver backside. Neutral background color gives a stylish and elegant look to your home.

These delicate curtains are made of 100% polyester and very pleasant to touch. They are the ideal blackout curtains for your living room as the fabric is not flimsy and last for a long time.

Easy installation and maintenance have made these curtains unique from other brands.

  1. Late sleepers, students, shift workers and infants can sleep better if this room darkening drape is hung in the bedroom. These curtains also prevent the sound of the street and let you rest in peace.
  1. Since this curtain has two different sides: one blackout side and a silver coated side, it saves energy in your home with sunlight reflection and thermal insulation properties.
  1. Your private moments are secured with these curtains and will stop the outsider from creeping into your bedroom. So you can have fun with family members and friends to the utmost.
  1. 100% soft and silky polyester.
  1. Although these curtains block the sunlight, they would keep the room warm in the winter and cool in the hot summer.


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Tan Door Curtain

Dani Design French Door Curtains do not have holes or cords. This is not even a Roman Shade. Something Better. You can nicely cover your French doors or patio doors with this elegant curtain.

It gives your room the versatility of a casual look as well as a very fancy decor.  The simple design allows it to set up quickly using only an adhesive hook and velcro. There is no need for any hardware, cords or other parts. When you need privacy,  you can down the curtain.

On the other hand, when you want sunlight in your room, again you can roll, fold or flip the curtain within a second. It will not move from its place if you secure with a hook and loop fastener. There are two standard sizes:

  1. 25″ W x 70″ L
  2. 30″ W X 70″ L

The first one fits glass sizes of 21″-23″ W x 63″-67″ L.

The second one fits glass sizes of 26″-28″ x 63″-66″ L.


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How to install french door curtains:

Here is a video on installing the curtain.

French Door Window Treatments:

French Door window treatment is inevitable nowadays. If you are wondering about the window treatments, you can have a look at this article. It covers everything in details.

French Door Lace Curtains:french door lace curtains

French Door Lace Curtains are very cheap and an exceptional product for your french door. You can buy those as ready made products or you can buy the lace separately and attach them to the curtain.

This French door lace curtain offers an unbelievable cool look to your house. You can use it in a whimsical fashion. This will fit almost any decorating style and will give a lift.

The beauty of this type of curtain is that, it can also be used on outdoors. People can look at your house and see it hanging. This will give them a taste of the decoration sense of the house owner.

Have a look at the lovely French Door Lace Curtains available for the money.

These are very cheap draperies to avail. But very stylist.

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Kitchen French Door Curtains:

Kitchen french door curtains are the one which is used on the kitchen doors. They are a bit small in size.

If you want you can buy a normal curtain and resize it according to your kitchen door. This will cost you less ordering a new one.

This has become a new trend. So hop on to the trend.

Before you buy, make sure you have chosen the right color. And kitchen tends to be a bit hot. So try to pick the right material.

French Door Window Curtains Buying Tips:french door window curtains

Just changing the curtains on the window of your door will give you a fantastic uplift of the decoration.

With the right drapery, you will be able to control the exact amount of light you want to come to your living room or drawing room or hall room.

To be able to do this you need to know the exact size or dimension of your window, the exact fabric you need.

Most of the time, the curtains color is white. It is mainly to reflect the heat that comes from outside.

Also make sure the curtain is easily washable. We do not change the window curtains regularly, so the fabric should be the one which doesn’t get untidy or discolored very soon.

You should order them online to save time. If you buy products with good review, you won’t face much problem.

According to our research, nicetown window curtain is the best french door window curtain available in the market.

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Office French Door Curtains:

Office curtains tend to be a bit heavy and expensive. When you are buying for your office, make sure everything is tip top.

Try to buy a bit expensive ones. These expensive curtains not only are durable, but also very eye soothing.

This will definitely alleviate the standard and will help you to get more deals.

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What is the length of the French Door Curtain?

Ans: Different curtains has different size. When you are ordering, you can select the size.

How many holes are there in the curtain?

Ans: There are usually 2 holes. But you can find curtains with 4 holes.

What are the dimensions of this item?

Ans: You will find the dimension in our chart. Buy the best one according to your needs.

Does it come with hooks and magnets?

Ans: Most of them comes with hooks. To get the magnetic curtains, you must see the product details carefully.

What is the thickness of the French Door Curtains? Does it pass sunlight?

Ans: Our recommended draperies are very thick. It will block outside light. To get the thickest ones, we recommend to go for the blackout curtains.

Can we wash it on washing machines?

Ans: Please be careful about this part. If the fabric allows, go for the washing machine. But we highly recommend to go for dry wash. And becareful about the rings or hooks. Remeber to get them off before washing.

How heavy is the curtain?

Ans: As these curtains are pretty thick and designed to block outside light, they are a bit heavy. Chose the one with free home delivery option to get rid of the hassle.

Does it require any special rod?

Ans: As the curtians are a bit heavy, it is always recommended to use strong rods.You can read this article for the best curtain rods. Double curtain rods are recommended.


How to make French Door Curtains and panels:

In this article, you will find the step by step article to make a wonderful blind for your french door. Let us know how it went.

You can have a look at this video for how to make frames in here:


There are many different sizes of French door curtains available, so it would be better if you ask for a custom option. Measure the door well before ordering. You can fold it in multiple ways, and no hardware is needed to hang on the doors. 100% cotton is used to make the best type of curtains. You should clean only the dirty spots in the curtains, and it is very easy to clean. Be sure to use the right drapes for french doors.


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