5 Best Beaded Curtains that will turn You into a Designing Pro [2017]


The fascinating gorgeousness and style of the decorated bead curtain is beyond compare to others. The past of these curtains come from the Asian traditions. Although it became more popular in Europe and America.

You can use it as the usual curtains or you can use the beaded curtain for doorways. These drapes are made of ribbons or ropes. These ropes are very closely tied to each other. Therefore they look like a curtain together. The use of these curtains is vast. It was famously used during the times of the kingdoms for giving a unique and graceful look.

A Comparison of the different brands of Bead Curtain:






ShopWildThings Beaded Curtain ShopWildThings Beaded Curtain Check now

Raindrops Crystal Acrylic

Natural Bamboo Beaded Curtain by AbeadedCurtain Natural Bamboo Beaded Curtain by AbeadedCurtain Check now

125 Strands (+hanging hardware)

Happiness Prosperity Longevity Beaded Curtain by AbeadedCurtain Happiness Prosperity Longevity Beaded Curtain by AbeadedCurtain Check now

125 Strands (+hanging hardware)

Clear Iridescent Faux Crystal Beaded Curtain by BalsaCircle Check now

3 ft x 6 ft, Clear

BeadedString Wood Beaded Curtain

BeadedString Wood Beaded Curtain

 Check now

35.5″ W x 73″ H-Levinia


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Materials Used for Beaded Curtains

Various materials are used to make beaded curtains. A large number of e-Stores supply beaded curtains made out of various things like plastic, glass, wood, acrylic and bamboo. The higher tiered beaded curtains are made of gemstones and crystals. Which might cost you a fortune, though.

Different Applications of Beaded Curtains

The beaded curtains are the best window decors because it has tiny spaces for the lights from the outside to come inside. Also, it gives an accent to the room décor by ornamenting the windows elegantly.

These drapes can also be optimized as a separator or a divider for diving a room in two. It is said to the most economical way of dividing a room for various resolutions. A big room can be divided by these drapes effortlessly.

You can also use it in such a way that the other part of the room cannot be seen. At the same time, the appearance of the curtains will be uncompromised.

Being the easiest way to decorate a place, beaded curtains are used in a large number of places including houses and food parlors. It highlights the overall decoration.

It can also be used at the entry door curtain of a particular place such as a restaurant or hotel or even at your home. Maybe for French Door Curtains or even Patio Door curtains.This creates a special appeal to the guests.

These curtains can be found in many e-stores around the world. And the prices are fair. And the best part is, you can customize them to your taste. You can add various materials to make your beaded curtain. Making it elegant and stylish.

The various types of drapes are made from various type of beads. Which includes shells and birds, shimmer screen and stylish ceramics. Creating these drapes are very easy with small or medium sized toys and other ornaments. You can also make them with food items like candy or seeds. Dark colored walls look gorgeous with the stylish ceramic beaded curtains.

Another usual type of curtains is made with metals such as nickel and copper, which are called shimmer screens.
These curtains are popular because of its uncommon designs and outlines. There are hundreds of designs to choose from. Not just designs, you can get them in various sizes, shapes and also materials, which are commonly available in e-Stores today.

Best Bead Curtain of 2017 [Top 5]


  • ShopWildThings Beaded Curtain
  • Natural Bamboo Beaded Curtain by AbeadedCurtain
  • Happiness Prosperity Longevity Beaded Curtain by AbeadedCurtain
  • Clear Iridescent Faux Crystal Beaded Curtain by BalsaCircle
  • BeadedString Wood Beaded Curtain

ShopWildThings Beaded Curtain

• 34 elements of beads with a waterfall outline
• 3 feet x 6 feet in width and height
• Metal Eyelets (2pcs) for effortless install
• No need to put it together
• More curtains can be brought to cover up more area

This non-dazzling (no sparkly coating on it) raindrop acrylic beaded drape has 34 elements of high-class beads. The curtains are 36 inches in width and 72 inches in length. All the elements are connected to a single rod to hang it. The curtain includes a waterfall design which looks amazing.

The durable acrylic curtains are perfect for adding an extra touch to the room. You can use it in any places such as in the windows, doors, closets the bed top boards to add some beautifications to your room. These curtains can be used as decorations for your home or office.

Also, you can use them as event decors such as marriage ceremonies and theme parties or birthdays. You have the independence to cut the elements to shorten the size if you want. And you can add more curtains to cover more space. ShopWildThings gives beaded curtains to the newest names in the occasion decorations, films, and TV productions.

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Natural Bamboo Beaded Curtain by AbeadedCurtain

• These curtains are not the usual cheap 70-90 elements beaded drapes that you find everywhere. The Natural Bamboo Beaded Curtains are made with excellent quality materials and 125 elements.
• The size of each curtain is 36-inches x 79 inches in width and height which come with a wooden rod to hand it. The curtain comes with 125 elements.
• Roughly the curtains include 4000 bamboo beads which are separately strung, and they don’t need to be assembled. The tool are provided to easily hang your curtains
• The beads have a natural color of the bamboo. No artificial paints.
• Looks beautiful and it’s a great piece of artwork made by hand.

The beaded drapes start with naturals bamboo’s cut into small 2.5 inch pieces of wood. Almost 4000 beads are cut to small portions. They are put together in a cord or string to create an element. These are the best quality bamboo bead curtain with 125 elements. They are being made with a uniqueness of their own.

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Happiness Prosperity Longevity Beaded Curtain by AbeadedCurtain

• This is no doubt a great piece of artwork painted by hand.
• The size of the bamboo drapes are 36 inches in width and 79 inches in height with 125 elements connected to a pole made of wood
• The beads are painted, the pattern is visible from all sides.
• No assembly needed. They are pre-assembled, and it comes with the tools you need to hang it.
• At present, the finest of the curtains are being produced.

Made and painted by hand with the best quality materials. The curtains are best for decorating your home and business. The beads of the curtains are painted, so the pattern is visible from all sides. This gives a nice touch to the overall design.

Clear Iridescent Faux Crystal Beaded Curtain by BalsaCircle

• Each curtain contain 34 elements of bead
• The beads are flat and are 0.4 inches in width
• The package includes a rod and two metallic eyelets for an effortless mount.
• Already assembled, no need to assemble just hang it directly
• Measurement: 3 inches width x 9 inches length

These curtains are best for giving additional style to your doors and windows or even as shower curtains. The curtains can be cut short if it is too big for your need. For places with more width, you need to hang more curtains to cover up the whole area.

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BeadedString Wood Beaded Curtain

• 35.5” in width and 72” in height. It is smaller than the regular ones. (Best for your kid’s room or your pets)
• The design has 31 elements which are 7/8 inches away from each other. (Beaded curtains can provide 100% privacy, and to get/give some privacy one side needs to be dark)
• Effortless Mount – it comes with two hooks connected to a wooden pole.
• If you have an opening less than 35.5 inches, you can mount your curtain in or outside of your doorway. You can adjust the height by repositioning the rod.

The BeadedString Wood Bead Curtain is made with 31 elements. It is little shorter than the usual ones, but that makes it different. So you can use it differently for various purposes.

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Beaded Curtain For Doorways:

Almost all the beaded curtain we showed perfectly fits almost any doorways.

You can easily use them in both indoor and outdoors.

But if you are using them outdoors, be careful about the material.

If the material is bamboo, make sure it doesn’t get wet. Plastic or other material is strongly advised for that purpose.

Painted Bamboo Curtains:painted beaded curtains

Stairway Beaded curtain is an amazing painted bamboo curtain.

It comes with free shipping

Totally hand painted.

They are fully assembled. So you won’t have to worry about assembling.

These curtains are a complete masterpiece.

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Raindrop Beaded Curtainrain drop beaded curtains

Raindrop beaded curtains are another outstanding piece of curtain for your home.

These curtains are so neatly designed, it will feel like rain drops.

Our attahed design has 400+ reviews on amazon.

This clearly shows how popular this is.

This curtain is made on waterfall pattern and doesnt need any assembly.

They come in a different color so you can choose the best color according to your need.

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Hanging Bead curtains

Hanging beaded curtains is simpler than it looks. You can do it easily or hire an expert.

You can buy the tool from your nearest stores or order from amazon.

Here is a video on how to hang Bead curtains:


Tutorial on How to make a Beaded Curtain:


Where can i find beaded curtains?

Ans: You can find beaded curtains in amazon or other ecommerce sites that provides free home delivery. You can find them in local stores as well but it will be a waste of time and energy in our opinion.

How can i hang bead Curtains?

Ans: Bead curtains are easy to hang like other normal curtains. You can have a look at the video above to get better idea.

Is it safe to use this kind of curtains?

Ans: Yes, it is safe to use this kind of curtains.


The natural wooden design feels great when you go through them. It is a great pleasure to have one of these. These curtains are inexpensive and a good suggestion for decorating your home or even in shower curtain rods.

Well, there are a lot of choices. Choose whatever you like depending on your taste!

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