5 Amazing Corner Curtain Rod Reviews for Your Stunning House [2017]

Best Corner Curtain Rod of 2017 [Top 5]


Corner curtain rod is really important when decorating a house. Some windows may provide a beautiful view but can be problematic when it comes to decorating them. Decorating corner windows and bay windows are often challenging as they are situated in the most critical part of the house. Moreover, dealing with privacy and interior design issues of these types of windows is harder than with a simple window with good curtain rod holder.

Fortunately, you live in a world where is available solutions for such problems. Modern window hardware and corner curtain rod can be your best mate to solve these problems. The only tricky part is to know the actual measurements of the area.

Corner windows are not uncommon at all, but dealing with these may pose a problem. One solution could be to dress the windows in a manner so that they seem one large window rather than two adjacent ones. Setting up straight curtain rods as the base for the window decoration can make the fabric look interrupted.

By simply installing corner curtain rods, the curtain can flow without any interruption from the starting edge of one window to the finishing edge of the another. Your home decoration is now easier than ever.

Bay windows can also create a similar problem to corner windows. Their different shape makes decorating with colorful curtains, drapes or valances on a standard straight rod clumsy looking. It is true for french door curtains, patio door curtains or shower curtains rods.

However, window hardware manufacturers have recognized the complicated situation and started producing corner curtain rods of different size and shape. Corner curtain rods for bay windows feature two angles to better fit with the shape of the window and allow the curtains to move freely on a single rod.

A Comparison of the different brands of Corner Curtain Rod





Urbanest Elbow Connector Curtain Rod Urbanest Elbow Connector Curtain Rod Check now


EVIDECO Corner Shower Curtain Rod EVIDECO Corner Shower Curtain Rod Check now


Kirsch Corner Window Curtain Rod Kirsch Corner Window Curtain Rod Check now


Zenna Home L Shaped Corner Shower Curtain Rod Zenna Home L Shaped Corner Shower Curtain Rod Check now


Bendable Shower Curtain Rod by ShowerAuthority Bendable Shower Curtain Rod by ShowerAuthority  Check now  *****


How to Choose

Inside or Outside:

Choosing a corner curtain rod can be tricky. You need to determine whether you want the mount inside the window frame or not. It depends on your personal choice, but smaller windows can look larger if you treat them smartly. For example, if you mount the rod outside the frame, smaller windows will appear larger.

Similarly, a rod mounted inside the frame will give you the opportunity to cut down the excessive fabric needed to cover the windows. Whatever décor you choose, the right sized corner curtain rod selection will give you the ultimate result.

Right Size:

Next challenge is to get the right sized curtain rod for the windows. Do not forget to measure the distance from one window’s edge to another. The dimensions of corner rod are crucial while selecting one for your home. There are many different types of curtain rods and holders available in the stores.


Metal ones are adjustable and ensure a better fit. Do not only look for materials, its diameter and clearance are also important. The ideal size of a standard curtain rod is about 5.1 cm and suits most types of treatments.


Now you want to cover your corner curtain rod, bay window or a corner shower curtain rod. There are a lot of choices available in the market at an affordable price. The standard version of corner curtain rods is pretty much affordable while a custom made rod can be expensive. It is your choice that what will best fit and complement your corner windows. Be sure that the installation process is simple and required curtain rod holders for hanging is included with the package.


Our recommended Corner Curtain Rod [Top 5]:


Urbanest Elbow Connector Curtain RodUrbanest Elbow Connector Curtain Rod

  • The best corner curtain rod to create a continual flow in the bay or corner windows.
  • Elbow is changeable from 90 degrees to 180 degrees or any angle between this range.
  • Available in five different finishes: Bronze, Antique Brass, and Brushed steel give a vintage look while Black and Glossy White are modern casual.
  • Constructed using premium quality metal, durable, and lasts long.
  • Easy to set up and maintain.

At first glance, you may be fooled by this thing’s look. You may think that this cheap thing is not metal, but it is! The Urbanest Elbow Connector Rod is made of heavy metal. Your house may have a corner window where it is not easy to hang curtains using regular rods evenly. They will fit perfectly into the end caps of your curtain rods. Now you can purchase this item for that awkward corner window without giving a second thought.


EVIDECO Corner Shower Curtain RodEVIDECO Corner Shower Curtain Rod

  • 100% aluminum construction
  • Rust-resistant aluminum sheet is used to manufacture this wall mounted corner shower rod
  • Easy and fast to set up, perfect to hold on any shower curtain, nonversatile shower rod
  • This type of shower curtain rod is designed for corner bathtubs and partially enclosed corner showers.
  • EVIDECO wall mounted corner shower curtain rod needs to adhere to the both sides of the bathroom wall.
  • 5″ Width x 31.5″ Length / (80 x 80) cm / 0.98” diameter, available in white color, imported from France.

Corner shower rods  or shower curtain rings are necessary for those who have bathtubs partially enclosed to the corner. Curtains in the bathroom adds an extra aesthetic look that reflects one’s taste. They are super easy to install, perfect to hang any curtain as well as damp towels. This product has a white-coated finish.

Since aluminum is a durable metal, these curtain rods do not damage easily and also rust-proof. The product weighs about 1.04 lbs and could be a beautiful addition to your shower room.


Kirsch Corner Window Curtain RodKirsch Corner Window Curtain Rod

  • Corner window or bay window rod
  • Each side adjusts from 28 inches to 48 inches
  • 2-inches clearance

The Kirsch Corner Curtain Rod helps you to décor your corner windows like a professional. Home décor does not only depend on colorful drapes only, but it also depends on from where you are going to hang them up. The curtain rod is used with drapes with a 1.5’’ or 2’’ rod pocket. The Lockseam Corner Curtain Rod is adjustable up to 48 inches and comes with all necessary hardware.


Zenna Home “L” Shaped Corner Shower Curtain RodZenna Home L Shaped Corner Shower Curtain Rod

  • This is a Chinese product
  • The product is easy to use, lasts long, and rust-free
  • Takes less time to install and easy to handle

Zenna Home Corner Shower Curtain Rod is “L” Shaped and fits nicely in any shower room with partially enclosed tubs. These aluminum built rods last for a long time as we all know aluminum is one of the toughest metals in the earth. These are rust free and do not decay with the passage of time. Aluminum is different from steel or stainless steel. This product guarantees for lifelong no-rust service.

As a result, your shower curtain rod will look stylish and beautiful for years after use. There are four screws to attach the rod to two walls and the rod has a diameter of 1-inch. The installation process is easy and ensures stability. The L-shaped rod has an excellent white finish and covers 66’’ L x 28” W area easily. You may cut it according to your tub size and follow instructions provided with the package.


Bendable Shower Curtain Rod by ShowerAuthorityBendable Shower Curtain Rod by ShowerAuthority

  • ShowerAuthority brings you a new, stylish, and great shower curtain rod to make your bathroom great. This curtain has a nice innovative design and can be fit any corner of the house.
  • Best proven friend for any curtain as it can move freely across the rod. Aluminum constructed dual channel ensures free movements. Does not interfere with the ceiling support.
  • Will match whatever the decoration or settings you have in your house. It is 10 feet long and comes with ceiling supports.
  • Aluminum construction guarantees for rust resistant to life long and white finish for a great look.

You can shape the rod according to your need and whatever situation you might have in your house. There is a recommendation for not to circle completely. They are one of the best corner curtain rods available in the market.

Watch this Video of Corner Curtain Rods from Home Depot:



The Innovative track design allows the shower curtains move freely along the rod or shower curtain rings without any hindrance. It also provides a strong ceiling support system. There are 24 curtain hooks or gliders that can hold up to 8 lbs included with fasteners.

You can easily resize this 10 feet long rod according to your need, and this rod can fit any bathtub. The ceiling support connects anywhere along a straight section of the curtain rod for the better hold up.  As it is made of rust proof metal, you can easily clean this thing and will withstand the usual bathroom environment. For the tall ceiling, they include longer ceiling supports. How to install the rod, a detailed instruction is included with the package.