5 Amazing Patio Door Curtains Reviews for Your Stunning House [2017]


Patio door curtains add the most beautiful look to any home. Their features have made them popular. They flood interior spaces with sunlight while providing convenient access to the room. There was a time when old style patio doors were not famous because of heat loss and weak security system.

Modern doors have included significant improvements like more energy efficient materials (frames and glasses), strong locking mechanism incorporated in multiple places, and excellent flashing packages to prevent leakage. There are many patio doors available in the market. This is very popular along with the best curtains for french doors. With this guide, we expect to help you picking the right curtain for your patio doors.

A Comparison of the different brands of Patio Door Curtains





RHF Patio Door Curtain Panel RHF Patio Door Curtain Panel Check now

100W by 84L Inches-Beige

Sun Zero Barrow Extra Wide Patio Door Curtain Panel Sun Zero Barrow Extra Wide Patio Door Curtain Panel Check now

100 x 84 Inch, Chocolate Brown

Eclipse Thermal Blackout Patio Door Curtain Panel Eclipse Thermal Blackout Patio Door Curtain Panel Check now

100″ x 84″ Wheat

No. 918 Montego Extra Wide Patio Door Curtain Panel No. 918 Montego Extra Wide Patio Door Curtain Panel Check now

White, 100 x 84

Privacy Patio Door Curtain Burgundy Privacy Patio Door Curtain Burgundy  Check now

104W x 84L Inch, Burgundy


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Types & Styles Of Patio Door Curtains:

When we think of a patio door, the aesthetics and functionality of that door come to our mind at first. They are easy to maintain and allow a lot of natural light (sunlight) into the room. The sliding type patio doors have two or more individual panels, and at least one of them slides on invisible rollers. Three types of patio doors are available nowadays. They are:

sliding Patio Doors

Best Sliding for Glass Doors:

As you can see, sliding patio doors are called by different names only because they are extremely popular. Both panels can slide parallel to the wall or can be combined with fixed panels to create broad expanses of glass. They do not obstruct the walking areas or hamper the placement of furniture.


Swinging Patio Doors:Swinging Patio Doors

They are often known as hinged patio doors and functions in much the same way. These doors are consist of full view glass panels and attached in pairs. Swinging Patio Doors are usually hung at the center and open like butterfly wings.  There is another type of hinged patio door, popularly known as the French door.  French doors are attached at the side jambs.


Folding Patio Doors:Folding Patio Doors


Folding Patio Doors are available with several configurations and can open a wide area to the outdoors. These doors neatly fold by sliding each section on an overhead track.

RHF Patio Door Curtain PanelThermal Patio Curtains:

Thermal patio door curtains are very popular now a days. It helps you to keep the optimum temperature in your house. it comes with different colors and size. Find the one that is most suitable for your house.



Patio Door Blackout Curtains:

If you are looking for complete privacy, go for blackout draperies. These are very thick. It will block sunlight and give you a very dark environment. Make sure you have proper internal lighting system when applying it.

Our recommended Patio Door Curtains [Top 5]:

  • RHF Patio Door Curtain Panel
  •  Sun Zero Barrow Extra Wide Patio Door Curtain Panel
  • Eclipse Thermal Blackout Patio Door Curtain Panel
  • No. 918 Montego Extra Wide Patio Door Curtain Panel
  • Privacy Patio Door Curtain Burgundy


RHF Patio Door Curtain PanelRHF Patio Door Curtain Panel


RHF is the acronym for Rose Home Fashion, and it brings you luxury curtains at a reasonable price. The new technique that is used in making these curtains can block out 99.8% (approx) of sunlight from entering the room. These curtains are super soft and sleep soother.

Efficient Energy Saver:

RHF drapes or curtains are made of multi-layered heavy fabrics for reducing the amount of sunlight in the room. These curtains keep the room warm during the winter and cool during the summer. RHF curtains do not only reduces energy consumption but also saves money.


Sleep Soother Sound Reducer:

During a hot sunny day it is hard to fall asleep or take a nap after a heavy lunch. If you have these blackout curtains on the windows of your bedroom, you could get the best possible sleep and most comfortable set up for taking a long rest. Another feature of these curtains is to reduce the noise level. As cars honk furiously at day time, one would not have trouble falling asleep automatically. Babies can also sleep better with such room settings.


Absolute Privacy:

RHF curtains ensure absolute privacy from creeping into your private rooms so you can have the desired privacy with your loved ones.

RHF curtains could be the great and cost-effective option for renovating your home.They are made to decor your house beautifully and provide an elegant look to the viewers. They are easy to set up, just slide over a rod through the sturdy grommet of the curtains. The pictures of the product are genuine and you would not be deceived when you see the actual product.

You would not find such decent and quality curtains at a good price on the marketplace. If you give a chance on these drapes, you would be glad that you purchased RHF curtains. If you have 100″ window panels or a large living room with big doors, these curtains can be handy to make your room look beautiful.

You might not get this size available in the stores. The fabric is not too heavy but very soft with a good weight. They hang on the patio doors or French doors nicely. Without center support, you cannot hang on curtains perfectly on larger windows, but these will fit your windows or doors nicely. They come in beautiful colors and looks great from the outside.

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 Sun Zero Barrow Extra Wide Patio Door Curtain PanelSun Zero Barrow Extra Wide Patio Door Curtain Panel

For darkening your room, Sun Zero patio curtain panel is the perfect solution with the energy-saving feature. You can use corner curtain rods if the curtains are in corner.These curtains add a casual, stylish look to your patio doors. Stop sunlight penetration to your bedroom and provide a solid protection from the excessive heat and cold. Excellent materials are used to block light and to provide complete privacy. Darker colors have better capabilities to reduce light penetration.

These curtains are enough for 75″ sliding glass doors. Two of these will be oversized. Sun Zero curtains provide privacy both at day and night. If you want to enjoy a movie at daytime, just slide the curtains, darken the room, and enjoy.

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Eclipse Thermal Blackout Patio Door Curtain PanelEclipse Thermal Blackout Patio Door Curtain Panel


Eclipse Thermal Blackout curtains provide energy-saving efficiencies by reducing the presence of sunlight in the room. They save costs associated with room heating and cooling services throughout the year. You can hang this seamless curtain anywhere in your home. These fashionable curtains are alternative to vertical blinds and enhance the beauty of your home decor.

How do these curtains function during the winter and the summer? Eclipse blackout curtains stop sunlight from entering the room and keep warm air inside the room during the winter, therefore, saving energy as well as your money. To create an ultimate sleeping environment, just hang them on your bedroom windows or patio doors. These curtains need some hardware to set up that are sold separately.

You can find installation instructions inside the package. These are 100% polyester made curtains. To remove wrinkles or keep straight, iron with damp towel on the front side of the curtain. These are easily manageable and machine washable.

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No. 918 Montego Extra Wide Patio Door Curtain PanelNo. 918 Montego Extra Wide Patio Door Curtain Panel


Montego Patio Door curtains hang better than other brands and they are very easy to maintain. Do not worry if there are wrinkles because of tight packaging. They will come out easily with a steam iron and will remain the same till the hanging process. These curtains do not only have high-quality materials but also well made to give your room an elegant look. They look gorgeous and hang straight, but cost lower than other curtains in the stores.

This curtain is made of polyester but look so beautiful. Curtains may curl up at the bottoms, but they are a great deal for the price. If your patio doors have two panels and they open in the middle, these curtains are going to fit nicely on your doors.

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Privacy Patio Door Curtain BurgundyPrivacy Patio Door Curtain Burgundy

Give your room a dash of style with increased privacy by installing this extra-wide drape. Your room will remain dark as these curtains are expert in filtering sunlight and easily cover a pair of large French doors or patio doors.

You will be confused whether they are custom made or not. Excellent elements are used to make this luxurious item. Large holes fit up to a 1-1/2” diameter rod nicely.

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Bamboo blinds for sliding glass doors:

Most of the patio doors are of sliding glass. It will look really nice if you can use a cool bamboo beaded curtain. Check the best beaded curtains and find the most suitable one for your house.

You can easily hang on and slide these curtains according to your needs. Machine washable and polyester made drapes are excellent for your home. In addition to all these, your privacy is secured by the opaque coverage. to give it a twist, you can use the shower curtain rods. This kind of small experiment helps you a lot.