5 Awesome Shower Curtain Rod Reviews to be a Curtain Expert of 2017


Best Shower Curtain Rod of 2017


Having a shower curtain in your bathroom makes a big difference, but it is similarly important to choose the shower curtain rod as well. A variety of shower curtain rods is available in the stores along with shower curtain rings. You need to select the curtain rod that suits your bathroom space, décor, and a number of some other factors. This is very important whether you are looking for french door curtain or patio door curtains.


A Comparison of the different brands of Best Shower Curtain Rods





Wall Mount Curved Shower Curtain Rod Wall Mount Curved Check now

53-Inch by 63-Inch Grommet Panel, Antique

Zenna Home 771SS Tension Shower Curtain Rod Zenna Home 771SS Tension  Check now

44 Inches to 72 Inches, Chrome

Bath Bliss Curved Shower Curtain Rod Bath Bliss Curved Check now

42 to 72-inch Curved Shower Curtain Rod, SATIN

Zenna Home 35633SSP Aluminum Curved Shower Curtain Rod Zenna Home 35633SSP Aluminum Curved Check now

50 to 72-Inch, Chrome

Bennington Double Curved Shower Curtain Rod Bennington Double Curved   Check now  One Panel, 54″ Wide x 72″ Long, Beige


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How to Choose:


Bathroom Decor – Most important

Matching with your bathroom decor is one of the important factors while choosing the perfect curtain rod. Wall colors, styles, coverings and finishing should play into your decision-making process. One can consider colors, materials, and style of the curtain rods so that they match with colors of towels, doormat or carpets. You can learn all about corner curtain rods in our corner curtain rod topics.


Materials of Rod – Choose Wisely

Some may think why the material of a curtain rod is important while it will remain in the shower. To be frank, shower curtain rods can be aesthetically pleasing and more useful. They are manufactured to hang a shower curtain as well as to put damp towels over them. Keeping this in mind, manufacturers use sturdy materials to help you many ways.

Different types of elements are used to make shower curtains, of which plastic and metal are most attractive. Wooden shower curtain rod could be another option. Plastic curtain rods are usually affordable and come in many different colors.

The only problem with the plastic rods is their weak built compared to metal ones. If the bathroom is decorated with chrome faucets, handheld showers, and towel ring, chrome rods can add a modern, stylish look to the bathroom.

To give a vintage look to your bathroom, get a brass finish curtain rod that will add a star to your décor. However, wooden curtain rods can also provide an old or primitive style to your bathroom.



Some people prefer more room in the shower, whereas some prefer less. If you are in the first group, consider buying a curved rod that would give you more space. Placement of shower is also important for selecting curtain rods. An L-shaped rod will be a perfect match for a corner shower, while a circular rod is fine above a claw foot tub.

Before making any purchase, measure the shower area correctly so that your money does not waste. Modern shower curtains are mostly adjustable, but you cannot adjust a smaller one to a larger.


Type of Wall

You need to look at the wall before hanging the shower curtain. The outfit of the bathroom wall needs to be examined. If the surrounding of the wall is tile, a rod that sticks to the wall with friction should be purchased. You do not have to drill the wall to set up the curtain rod.


Shower Curtain Rods [Top 5]:

  • Wall Mount Curved
  • Zenna Home 771SS Tension
  • Bath Bliss Curved
  • Zenna Home 35633SSP Aluminum Curved
  • Bennington Double Curved

Wall Mount CurvedWall Mount Curved Shower Curtain Rod

  • This type of curtain rod helps you to expand the shower room
  • Easy to set up and necessary hardware comes with the product
  • Resistant to rust and do not get damaged easily
  • Stainless steel and plastic are used to give a nice look
  • Expandable, ranging from 41 – 72 inches

InterDesign’s Curved Curtain Rod is an excellent product that will easily add up to 5.5” of elbow room. Easy installation and maintenance have made this product adorable to everyone. It can also be used other than bathrooms like in a closet or on windows. Moreover, it can expand up to 72 inches.

Curved shower curtain rods are the best friend for those who have a small bathroom or less space in the shower. They are slightly curved that does not interfere with the bathroom space. This is a nicely finished product at an affordable price.

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Zenna Home 771SS TensionZenna Home 771SS Tension Shower Curtain Rod

  • All bathtub of any size can easily be fit in
  • No tool is required, no damage is done
  • Quick installation is possible, just extend and twist
  • Supports up to 30 pounds
  • Manufactured in the USA

Now it is simple to upgrade the look of your shower with a Zenna Home curtain rod. Durable materials are used to make this curtain rod and have a stylish chrome finish. These are made of stainless steel and adjustable to bathtubs that are around 44’’-72”. Quick and easy installation have made this curtain popular to the people.

It has a beautifully elegant look with the nice end caps. It hangs up nicely and the curtain slides across the curtain rod smoothly. There is no way that anyone can refuse to buy the product.

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Bath Bliss Curved Bath Bliss Curved Shower Curtain Rod

  • At 72-inch extension provides maximum room about 10.5 inches
  • Standard bathtubs are supposed to fit the enclosures measuring 42”-72.”
  • All types of hardware are included for easy setup and no cutting is needed
  • Luxurious Bronze finish

This is another type of curved shower curtain rod to enjoy spacious room while taking a shower. More room means more shower time for someone. Bath Bliss Curtain Rod is a high-quality product. One can install this curtain rod easily. The elegant bronze finish ensures vintage looks in any shower. An instruction manual is included with the package.

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Zenna Home 35633SSP Aluminum CurvedZenna Home 35633SSP Aluminum Curved Shower Curtain Rod

  • Aluminum construction ensures resistivity to rust
  • Life-long guarantee against rust-free
  • Ensures easy, damage free installation
  • Bathtubs of 72-inches easily fit in
  • Increased shower space is promised with extra 6.5” elbow room
  • Includes rust-free hooks and rings for a stylish look

The main target of manufacturing curved curtain rods is to provide some extra space while taking a shower. Modern apartments usually do not have huge shower rooms (unless it is a luxurious apartment). Beautiful curtains add some extra charm to the bathroom.

Only to help those who want a bit spacious shower with an elegant look,  Zenna Home brought this wonderful solution to you. Rustproof materials are used to manufacture this sturdy curtain rod. Easily extendable and nicely fit around your bathtubs.

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Bennington Double CurvedBennington Double Curved Shower Curtain Rod

  • For easy & quick set up, Snap-fit technology is used
  • Adjusts from 60” to 72”, made of durable materials
  • Provides extra shower space up to 6 inches
  • Corrosion and rust-proof, nice finish,  guarantees years of beauty
  • Does not include hooks, but all essential hardware and instructions included

Unlike previous shower curtain rods, the Bennington has two sturdy rods with a great bronze finish. You can transform your shower room without doing any re-engineering. All you have to do is to buy this curtain rod and install in your bathroom.

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How to Install Shower Curtain Rods:


You need a few tools to set up this curtain rod. The double curved curtain rod just adjusts in all standard bathtub enclosures and comes with useful instructions. Curtain rod holders are very important to make everything work. But you can use hookless shower curtains to avoid some problems.