5 Best Shower Curtain Sets Reviews to Make your Shower Stunning

The majority of home owners with big-sized bathrooms do not give much priority to the shower curtain sets. Because usually, they do not use them. According to a quote by Dawn Williams, Big sized master bathrooms are now being designed with glass doors instead of curtains. Dawn Williams is an interior designer and the owner of the Interiors by Decorating Den franchise in Hingham, Mass.

But the ever-dependable shower drapes are still alive for the designer perspective in unassertive bathrooms. And they play a crucial role in designing your regular bathrooms. You can design your older bathrooms or guest room baths or the ones which are comparatively small in size.

According to Dawn Williams, if the bathroom is decorated with wallpapers or if anyone is thinking of getting a wallpaper for their bathroom then they should choose it first. After choosing the wallpaper, they should choose the curtain accordingly. Alternately, if the bathroom wall is simply painted with one or more colors, then the curtain fabric should be chosen first, and the paint of the wall should be chosen accordingly (these are his personal opinions).

You might not use professional artists, or maybe you’re low on cash for a custom curtain. If either one is your case, then there are a lot of different “off the book” choices for you. But you need to know where to find them.

Comparison Chart of Different Brands of Shower Curtain Sets With Editorial Ratings: 





Gorgeous Home Linen Shower Curtain Sets

Gorgeous Home Linen Shower Curtain Sets

Check Now 4.9
15 Piece Memory Foam Bath Rug Set by WPM/AHF 15 Piece Memory Foam Bath Rug Set by WPM/AHF Check Now 5.0
 mDesign Fabric Shower Curtain – A set of three by MetroDecor mDesign Fabric Shower Curtain – A set of three by MetroDecor Check Now 4.9
Sonia Yellow and Grey Multi-Tone 15 Piece Bathroom Accessory Set Sonia Yellow and Grey Multi-Tone 15 Piece Bathroom Accessory Set Check Now  


Bath Fusion Terrell Geometric 15- Piece Bath Set

Bath Fusion Terrell Geometric 15- Piece Bath Set

Check Now 4.7


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Curtain Sets

Curtain Sets are set of bathroom accessories along with a shower curtain. That’s why it’s called a “Set”. Curtain sets usually contain a shower curtain, a set of rings and hooks and two bathroom mats or rugs for the floor. They often come in different sizes. Curtains sets are commonly available in 15 pieces. Some sets might include a trash can too.

Buying a shower curtain set helps, though it’s not too common, they save you some money and give you a little more in a small package. And it includes everything you need to decorate your bathroom. Its really important.

You might even want a shower curtain liner in a set. Or a hookless one.

Best Shower Curtain sets:

  • Gorgeous Home Linen Shower Curtain Sets
  • 15 Piece Memory Foam Bath Rug Set by WPM/AHF
  • mDesign Fabric Shower Curtain – A set of three by MetroDecor
  • Sonia Yellow and Grey Multi-Tone 15 Piece Bathroom Accessory Set
  • Bath Fusion Terrell Geometric 15- Piece Bath Set



Gorgeous Home Linen Shower Sets

Gorgeous Home Linen Shower Curtain Sets

  • A 72 inches x 72 inches (Height x Width) Textile Bath Drape
  • A bathroom rug – 18 inches x 30 inches (Height x Width)
  • A bathroom rug – 17 inches x 24 inches (Height x Width)
  • 12 toning designed metallic textile hooks
  • Made With Pure Polyester (100%)
  • Machine Washable

This 15pcs Bathroom Pack contains a textile shower drape along with 12 metallic hooks covered with fabric. 2 bathroom rugs of different sizes. Both have a non-slipping backside to avoid accidents. The textiles look great and go with your bathroom very well. It goes well with your shower curtain rods. And the maintenance is also very easy.

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15 Piece Memory Foam Bath Rug Set by WPM/AHF

15 Piece Memory Foam Bath Rug Set by WPM/AHF

  • This set contains 15 pcs of accessories
  • 1 Bath Rug: 20 inches (50 centimeters) x  30 inches (76 centimeters)
  • 1 Outline Mat: 20 inches (50 centimeters) x  20 inches (50 centimeters)
  • A Textile Bath drape with 12 rings: 72 inches (centimeters) x 72 inches (180 centimeters)
  • The rug and the mat has a latex back so its non-slippery
  • The rugs are made with Memory foams, and the bath drape is made from pure polyester

The style of the shower pack gives an expected turn to the usual style. This package includes a gorgeous square-shaped design that generates an attractive nevertheless up-to-date thing that adds to your shower decorations. It decorates your whole bathroom since it includes more than just the shower curtains.

The rings and the drapes have a combination of textile and design for an attractive look. You can choose from these available colors: Mushroom, Coffee, Pink, Burgundy, and Navy.

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 mDesign Fabric Shower Curtain – A set of three by MetroDecor

 mDesign Fabric Shower Curtain – A set of three by MetroDecor

  • The whole packages include a garbage can, a microfiber inflection shower mat and a free of fungus bath drape. Total a set of 3.
  • Maintenance is very easy.
  • The drape includes 12 button holes with a heavy-duty top header. The rug has a microfiber back.
  • Curtain Materials: Made with 100% pure Polyester
  • Mat Materials: made of 100% microfiber polyester
  • Trash Can Material: Heavy-Duty Plastic
  • Curtain Dimensions: 72 inches in height and 72 inches in width
  • Rug Dimensions: 34 inches and 21 inches in height and width
  • Trash Can Dimensions: 10 inches x 5 inches x 10.75 inches with a volume of 6 quart

Re-decorate your bathroom with new styles and designs. The mDesign Bathroom Décor Combo Set includes various accessories such as a garbage can to keep your bathroom clean. The set also includes a curtain to cover your shower area.

The curtain has an elegant style. It makes your bathroom look gorgeous. And the bathroom mats add an extra touch to the whole decorations. A shower curtain liner is suggested to make things look more beautiful.

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Sonia Yellow and Grey Multi-Tone 15 Piece Bathroom Accessory Set

Sonia Yellow and Grey Multi-Tone 15 Piece Bathroom Accessory Set

  • Curtain Material: 100% Pure Polyester
  • Includes A Textile bath drape 72 inches x 72 inches (Standard size) and 12 textile covered metallic rings
  • 2 Bath Mats. Including a rug (size: 18 inches x 29.5 inches) and an outline (size: 18 inches x 18 inches).
  • The rugs have a comfy top and a heavy duty bottom made of latex. So the rugs are not slippery at all.
  • Stress-free maintenance with Machine-Wash

These bath sets are a great deal because you get a new style and strong colors together with a low price tag. The decorative set features a bath drape with 12 metallic rings and two bath mats (a normal rug and an outline rug). Everything you need for your bathroom décor is right here.

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Bath Fusion Terrell Geometric 15- Piece Bath Set

Bath Fusion Terrell Geometric 15- Piece Bath Set

  • Made with 100% pure polyester
  • Imported Materials
  • The collection features a bath drape, curtain hooks, bathroom mat and an outline mat
  • Smooth sliding shower hooks are  given
  • The mats are made durable and clean (Stainless). And the colors will always stay because of the synthetic yarns
  • Rubber backs in the rugs make it non-slippery
  • Stress-free maintenance with Machine Wash

Get a sleek and modern look for your bathroom today! This Bath-Fusion Terrell Geometric 15pcs Bathroom set has it all. The textured curtains give a nice touch to your bathrooms, and the non-slippery rugs also add a finishing touch to the floor.

The rings are textured and heavy duty. And all these things are durable.

Using bathroom sets are a great way to decorate your bathrooms on a low budget. Find yours today!

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Shower Curtain and Accessories Set:

  • SkyMoving Luxury Style 14-Piece Bathroom Accessory Set
  • Brown & Blue 15-piece Bathroom Set Bath Rugs Shower Curtain & Rings
  • Fashion Dream Shower Curtain Set & Bathroom Rug Set

These three are most recommended for this particular requirements. But the thing is different manufacturer make sets in different manners. So, it is your duty to buy the perfect set according to your need. Otherwise, you may not find the right products you are looking for. If you are unlucky, you might end up having duplicate products.

Make sure you set goes with the shower room decoration.

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Best Shower Curtain Sets with Rugs:

  • mDesign Fabric Shower Curtain, Striped Microfiber Bathroom Accent Rug
  • Home Dynamix 339-309 Bath Boutique Poly-Acrylic 15-Piece Bathroom Set
  • GorgeousHome Complete Bathroom Set Printed Banded Rubber Backing Rug Bath Mats

If you are looking for sets, then it must include rugs. You just don’t want to lose your valuable time searching for matching rugs.

When you are buying curtain sets with rugs, make sure the rugs soak decent amount of water and it’s not slippery. otherwise, it might cause a serious accident.

If it soaks water, it will help to keep the room clean.

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Best Shower curtain and Window curtain set:Shower and window curtain set

Eve split window pattern set is a good match for shower and window curtain set.

It is made of 100% polyster.

Comes in 72×72 in size.

The amazing part is you can wash these in a washing machine.

But it doesnt comes in set. You can use it in both shower and window.

You will need to buy matching items to complete the set.

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Blue Shower Curtain Set:Blue Shower curtain set

Bath Fusion Terrell is a fantastic blue shower curtain set.

It comes in 15 piece.

100% polyster.

It is machine washable.

You will get bath rug, contour rug, everything.

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Red Shower Curtain Sets:red shower curtain set

This 18 piece red shower curtain set is an absolutely gorgeous one.

You will get matching towel, rugs, rings everything.

It is made with 100% polyester.

You can easily wash them in a machine with cold water.

Free shipping available.

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What is the height of the hooks?

Ans: On average the hooks are 3 inches in height.

Will these rusts?

Ans: It is highly unlikely to rust even after a year of usage.

How many rugs does the shower set come up with?

Ans: 2 rugs. One for the tub and one for the toilet.

What is the size of the curtain?

Ans: It fits perfectly if you are using a standard bathtub.

Does it include a matching towel?

Ans: Yes it does.

How to Setup Shower Curtain:

Have a look at this video if you are still confused about the installation.