5 Awesome Shower Curtain Sizes that will Fit Any Shower [2017]


If you are in quest of designing your bathroom in a blissful way, you need to have a good theme. Redesign your bathroom or starting from a newly built house, you firstly will go to buy a shower curtain to have a vibrant look of the bathroom.

It will not only just hang on the rods but also will develop to beautify your washroom. To consider this matter, knowing the perfect size of your shower curtain is needed.

When you take our shower in the shower room, you see the size of your shower room. If the curtain is too small in size, water splashes to the floor which is unwanted.

Some people feel so irritated in the wet floor as people can slide into the water. It can cause an accident, and this issue bothers them. For avoiding this situation, an adequate size is necessary for the shower curtain.

Comparison Chart of Different Brands of Shower Curtain Sizes With Editorial Ratings: 





Ufriday Nature Theme Fabric Standard Shower Curtain Check Now 5.0
Ufaitheart 78 x 96 Inch Long Shower Curtain Ufaitheart 78 x 96 Inch Long Shower Curtain Check Now 4.8
InterDesign Leaves Long Shower Curtain InterDesign Leaves Long Shower Curtain Check Now 4.9
InterDesign Chevron Shower Curtain (Extra Wide) InterDesign Chevron Shower Curtain (Extra Wide) Check Now  


LanMeng Four Seasons Abstract Artwork Art Prints Bath Decor Polyester Fabric Shower Curtain Free set of 12 hooks Check Now 4.8


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Shower Curtains for A Bathtub Shower

The ideal size for shower curtain is 60inches long bathtub. Along with this size, 12 inches more needed to cover the surrounding of the bathtub. This is the perfect size for a shower curtain.

The length should be longer so that if water splashes, it can not cross the shower curtain. The main issue of concern is water passing so it should be in consideration.

This kind of stuff one can get in the shower stall. Buying the narrowest curtain width is the wisest decision. Keep these matters in your mind while buying this.

How wide is a standard shower curtain?

Before buying curtain from any stall or ordering them through online, know the length of the shower rod, and you need to add 12 inches more to it. The ideal is 60 inches long bathtub and adding the extra 12-inches, and it is 72-inches in total. It is average size of shower curtain

Shower Width + 12″ = Shower Curtain Width

How long is a standard shower curtain?

The first thing you have to care is you have to start measuring the curtain from the down part of the curtain rod to an inch up from the floor. Thus you can get the exact perfect measurement of the curtain. The ideal length is 72 almost all the time, but it can vary.

The curtains are used to sweep to the side by using tie-backs may get small in length when all the material get together. Then you need to hang the shower rod 2 inches or an inch lower to drape curtain out of the tub.

According to Wikipedia, shower curtains are usually feet long.

Standard measurements are:

  • 70-inch by 70-inch
  • 70-inch by 72-inch
  • 72-inch by 72-inch


Where to hang your curtain rod

Sorry! There are no bound rules for hanging the curtain rod. You just have to be careful in which height the end of the shower curtain will not touch the shower floor.

As the curtain, if touches the floor, it will get wet. It will contain more dirt, and it will take more effort to wash.  By the way, microbes will touch the curtain as they will get a humid environment.

As the measurement of standard curtain height is known 70 to 72-inches from the floor, If you add 2 or 3 more inches to the curtain’s measurement, it will bring the measurement of the curtain rod. The measurement of curtain rod placement is 75 to 77 inches from the floor.

2″ + Shower Curtain Length + Hook Size = Shower Rod Height

If you want to be an expert on curtain rods, You can read this article.


Handy Tip For Hanging Your Shower Curtain Rod

As per as the length of shower rod, the shower curtain will vary. Before buying the shower curtain, check the length from where you have to hang the curtain.

Then drill the wall for shower curtain rod. There are shower hooks which make the distance between the rod and the upside of the shower curtain thus length changes automatically.

Few permanent brackets are present. If you want to use them, be conscious about the exact height. Use a tension height and then drill place the brackets and the reason of using the tension rod are- it can be used several times.

When you get the height, put an identification mark and drill the wall.

Top Shower Curtains with fantastic Sizes:

Ufriday Nature Theme Fabric Standard Shower Curtain

Ufriday Nature Theme Fabric Standard Shower Curtain

  • 100% pure polyester fabric, durable and soft
  • Imported Material
  • Deer rambling in the forest design
  • Curtain remains in the place due to its weight
  • Waterproof material is used to make this curtain, can be used alone without a liner
  • Durable, Mildew-free, and anti-bacterial feature
  • Generous Measurement, 72” width and 72” length


Ufriday is a unique Modern Design Fabric Shower Curtain which has a good standard look including quality. The material is pure polyester, and important parts are- this is anti-bacterial, mold free and waterproof.

Wonderful stitches with direct edges and no worry about slight tearing. It includes 12 hooks to get hung with the curtain rod. They have rust-proof grommets to fix the hooks.

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Ufaitheart 78 x 96 Inch Long Shower Curtain

Ufaitheart 78 x 96 Inch Long Shower Curtain

  • 78-Inch X 96-Inch (200cm X 244cm), 14 rust resistant metal grommets
  • Material: 100% soft polyester fabric, allows machine wash
  • Water-Repellent material, Mildew Resistant, Durable and Anti-Bacterial
  • Hotel or home bathroom, suits everywhere, No liner is required
  • Packaging Set: One 100% pure polyester fabric shower curtain, 14 top-class plastic shower curtain rings (Shower Curtain rod is not included)

It is good enough as it works as a liner also. Though it is not a perfect one, it is fine.

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InterDesign Leaves Long Shower Curtain

InterDesign Leaves Long Shower Curtain

  • 100% Polyester Fabric
  • Imported Material
  • Reinforced top hem (natural)
  • 12 rust-resistant metal grommets
  • Beautiful, stylish design
  • Long Sized: 72″ W x 84″ L measures


The size is 72 inches by 84 inches which are wonderful. Also, it has amazing prints on it. The Leaves Shower Curtain will blow your mind by having nice shines on it along with rust proof character.

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InterDesign Chevron Shower Curtain (Extra Wide)

InterDesign Chevron Shower Curtain (Extra Wide)

  • Cleaning and maintenance have never been so easy, Just throw it in the machine for a quick wash.
  • Requires an additional liner, Have a look at InterDesign’s exclusive liner collection.
  • 18 sturdy button-holes with a strong top-header
  • Extra Wide Curtain: Measures 108-inch W x 72-inch L

It is nothing but the desires you have kept for the shower curtain with extra length. It lifts your mood up.

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LanMeng Four Seasons Abstract Artwork

LanMeng Four Seasons Abstract Artwork Art Prints Bath Decor Polyester Fabric Shower Curtain Free set of 12 hooks,Shower Curtain Sizes

  • Pure Polyester
  • Imported Material
  • 12 rustproof metal grommets with a sturdy top-header, easy to set up.
  • Machine wash possible, so cleaning and maintenance are not a headache anymore.
  • Made of 100% soft polyester fabric, robust and long-lasting, odor free, liner not included.
  • Measurement: 72-inch W x 72-inch L, nicely fits the common sized bathtub and shower area.
  • Curtain package comes with one fabric shower curtain and a set of 12 white hooks for easy installation.


LenMeng has various obsessive designs to attract customers. It has digital printed bright prints which are not found everywhere. It makes your washroom shiny with beauty, and their collections are best. They have achieved the place of best sellers by competing with others.

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To conclude, I want to say if you want to buy the shower curtain, buy from a best one. Buy the product which is long lasting and have good material, environmentally friendly. Shower curtain represents your image in front of the guests. So be cautious!