5 Amazing Blue Shower Curtain that will give Your Room a Pro Look

Blue Shower Curtain

A blue shower curtain gives your shower an elegant look. But people don’t think very much about their shower curtain colors until they have to, well, buy one. A good blue shower curtain that is well made of and washable can last for a long time. But styles are changeable, and the humidity in the bathroom may produce mold and mildew. So that, all shower curtains should be replaced at some point.

When buying a shower curtain, consumers should try to find a well-manufactured, impervious piece that fits their budget and bathroom décor with a design they desire. By choosing the right colored shower curtain, the consumer can enjoy it for many years. Make sure you also have the right curtain rod for better usability.


A Comparison of the different brands of Blue Shower Curtain





Inter Design Mildew-Free Water-Repellent Fabric Shower Curtain Inter Design Mildew-Free Water-Repellent Fabric Shower Curtain Check now

72-Inch by 72-Inch, Slate Blue

Inter Design Thistle Shower Curtain Inter Design Thistle Shower Curtain Check now

72 x 72-Inch, Gray/Blue

Lush Decor Flower Drops Shower Curtain Lush Decor Flower Drops Shower Curtain Check now

72-Inch by 72-Inch, Ivory/Blue

InterDesign Carlton Fabric Shower Curtain

InterDesign Carlton Fabric Shower Curtain

Check now

72 x 72, Blue


Maytex Textured Waffle Fabric Shower Curtain

 Check now

72 by 72-Inch, Navy


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A Few More Necessities

A liner is needed with the curtain set in your shower room. The actual curtain stays on the outside of the bathtub and may not directly come touch with the water. The decorative shower curtains of the stores are mostly made with 100% smooth Polyester fabric which is washable in the machine and do not wrinkle.

When you are deciding on a piece of fabric to use for your shower curtain, consider that how simple it is to clean and other maintenance is also involved. Some shower curtains are made of delicate fabrics like silk or even linen which requires a bit of care to maintain.

Quality and Size Does Matter

Examine the ins and outs of your shower curtain to decide if it is suitable for you or not, ensure the quality product that will last for a long time. The order of holes at the top of the curtain to set the shower rings should be very tight. Also, keep in mind that the type of your bathroom matters.

Most curtain rods hang 6 feet above from the floor, so the proof size of 74 inches will work well. But, if you have a high ceiling and the curtain rods are hung higher, you may demand to consider an extra long size shower curtain. Most bath perimeters are between 5 and 6 feet, so the shower curtains at Amazon will work just fine. But if you have a stand-alone bath, you will need a curtain that is much wider, obviously.

How Beautiful It Is

Colors, design, and patterns are the next important things to consider when you are choosing a shower curtain. This is where the shower curtains at the Amazon have a huge advantage. All the artworks are added to the curtain using the Dye Sublimation system so you are getting bright colors that normally are only possible with plastic, And you are getting the advantage of polyester fabric. The design on your shower curtain fabric can be the starting off point you use to design the rest of the bathroom.

Keeping it Clean

Shower curtains should regularly be washed (weekly basis) because of the humidity. The curtains found in online stores are machine washable so it might be a good idea to throw the curtain in the laundry once a month. Just be sure to clean up your shower timely and replace the shower curtain liner at the first sign of mildew or mold if not before.

Our recommended Blue Shower Curtain:

Inter Design Mildew-Free Water-Repellent Fabric Shower Curtain

  • 100% pure polyester
  • Imported product
  • Protect your curtain as a liner or  hang it by itself
  • Reinforced button holes and weighted hem
  • Mildew/ Mold free and water rest – water glides off and dries quickly
  • Measures 72″ by 72″

Crafted of high-quality polyester, this mildew/mold free fabric curtain is a perfect fit for your shower or bath tub needs. Water expulsive – use it as a liner or as a stand-alone shower curtain. An excellent product. You will love it.

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Inter Design Thistle Shower CurtainInter Design Thistle Shower Curtain

  • Quick-dry, mildew/mold resistant shower curtain with an organic dandelion design
  • Washable in machine, tumble dry low
  • Made of 100 percent quality polyester fabric
  • Measures 72 by 72-Inches
  • Rust proof metal

The Thistle Shower Curtains are beautifully designed that’s perfect for the modern bathroom. Bring the tranquility of nature inside and relax. If you get the blue gray/accent background option, your shower room will feel like a heaven. Looks beautiful in every shower. It’s longish, so on your setup, it may reach on the ground. Gives a stark, boring and in small rental apartment shower room a cozy and adult feel! Match it with the “no more mildew” liner and some beautiful metal rolling rings, and it’s perfect. Best material, too.

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Lush Decor Flower Drops Shower Curtain

  • 100% pure polyester
  • Includes: 1 piece Shower Curtain
  • Shower Curtain: 72″W by 72″H
  • Fabric Content: 100% pure Polyester
  • Care Instructions: Dry cleaning recommended; Machine wash and light iron if needed

Flower drop shower curtains are constructed with faux silk, detailed floral embroidery, and 3D flower applique. Sophisticated and elegant, the 3D flower applique looks like beautiful flowers dropping from the top. This is a beautiful shower curtain and unique, but construction seems a little cheap. The ivory may seem slightly darker in person than in the picture, but nothing out of the ordinary.

It can be disappointing as there is no reinforcement of any kind for the curtain hooks. It is hard to tell from the manufacturer’s photo. Other than those couple of minor things, we think it’s a cute shower curtain at a high price.

It can be disappointing as there is no reinforcement of any kind for the curtain hooks. It is hard to tell from the manufacturer’s photo. Other than those couple of minor things, we think it’s a cute shower curtain at a high price.

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Maytex Textured Waffle Fabric Shower Curtain

  • 100% pure polyester
  • Imported product
  • 100% quality Polyester fabric
  • Solid waffle woven fabric
  • Washable in machine
  • Hooks are not included
  • Fits standard 72″ wide shower

Many people want to make their bathroom look like a gorgeous spa, just bring this solid design texture and relax away. Made of 100% polyester, it’s easy to care and washable in the machine. Recommended using with a shower liner in the tub. Hooks are not included. Fits standard size showers/tubs are up to 72″ wide.

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InterDesign Carlton Fabric Shower Curtain

  • Imported Material
  • 100% Polyester, soft fabric
  • Solid waffle, durable woven fabric
  • Easy to clean, machine washable
  • Hooks not included with the package
  • Fits standard 72″ wide shower perimeter

These things are the real deal. Heavy duty. It completely blocks the light that comes into the shower. It looks nice, though. Really classes up the bathroom.

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Light Blue Shower Curtain:

Inter design Mildew light blue curtain is the best one for your shower. You can also look at these light blue curtains. These curtains are very cheap but very good looking.

Most of the curtains are of 72X72 size.

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Navy Blue Shower Curtain:navy blue shower curtain

Hookless RBH40MY297 Fabric Shower Curtain is a fantastic navy blue shower curtain for the money. It has the highest review on amazon.

This is 100% polyster and imported. It even has free shipping option.

Flex on rings included.

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Best Blue pattern Shower Curtain :blue pattern shower curtain

Blue pattern shower curtain is the latest trend. It not also looks good but also very cheap.

Here is one unbelievable design in the geomatric pattern.

It has 12 reinforced button holes. 100% polyester.

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Baby Blue Shower Curtain:

Luxury fabric shower curtain is a fantastic baby blue shower curtain. You can check here for a variety range of baby blue colored curtains.

These are very cheap in price and comes with free shipping.

These are 100% polyster and machine washable. Buy now before the stock runs out.

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Blue Shower Curtain Liner:Blue shower curtain liner

If you want o be an expert on liner, you can visit here. Inter design mildew is the best blue shower curtain liner available. In amazon it has 5000+ Reviews. Which is unbelievable.

These comes in different size but 72×72 size is the most popular.

These are Chlorine free and easily washable.

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Blue Shower Curtain Set:

Shower curtain sets are really important if you have a good design sense.

It saves lots of time when buying things. With a set you can get 15 or 18 or more pieces of matching accessories.

It is always important to get this from one place. Otherwise, you may forget a rug or a towel and will have to go back again to buy that.

Bright fusions 15 piece shower curtain set can be a lovely addition to your shower. It has all the necessary things bath. It is really handy.

It includes shower curtain, bathroom rugs, contour rugs etc.

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Which rod do you recommend to hang shower curtains?

Ans: It actually depends on you bathrooms dimension. You can read this article to be an expert on rods. Use corner curtain wisely to save space.

How many hooks do you need?

Ans: You will get enough hooks to hang the curtains. Otherwise, you can have a look at here and buy the best hooks available for the money.

Can these drapes be hanged on a ceiling fixed tracks?

Ans: Of course they can.


Shower curtains and liners are most important things for your bathroom. Sometimes they express your aesthetic taste and most importantly, keeps your bathroom dry, germ-free. A blue shower curtain adds a great comfort in the shower.