5 Amazing Curtain Lights that will Spark Your Home like a Pro


To vividly enhance your environment, you can use curtain lights for occasions and breaks. By a flip of a switch, you can light up the whole curtain.

The lights can go around 10’ in height. These lights create a romantic environment during a marriage ceremony. When the lights are situated behind the newly married couple, where they commit to each other, the environment is dramatically changed.

To make your holidays elegant, you can add circles or as best outdoor christmas lights. To create a Christmas environment, you can use these long lasting viable deep white or cool white LED drape lights which have an extent to 36’ width as a Christmas light environment in selling sites and shopping malls.

They can also double with our organza to get a soft kind of afterglow. Create an elegant string light to charm your guests and make people have a long lasting impact on you at your marriage, break or any other occasions.

A Comparison of the different brands of Best Outdoor Rope Lights






ZSTBT Linkable 300LED Window Curtain String Lights ZSTBT Linkable 300LED Window Curtain String Lights Check now


Twinkle Star 300LED Window Curtain String Light Twinkle Star 300LED Window Curtain String Light Check now

9.8ft9.8ft (Warm White)

Outop 24V Safe Version 300LED Curtain Lights Outop 24V Safe Version 300LED  Check now


LED Concepts 300-LED Curtain String Lights LED Concepts 300-LED Curtain String Lights Check now

8 Lighting Modes , White

Leapair Curtain Lights 600LED

Leapair 600LED

 Check now

19.69 x 9.8Ft (6MX3M) 8 Modes Pure White


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Decorating with Best String Lights

You can use your creativity to make exciting new options with these multipurpose light collections. You can try the following to get up and going with these lights:

  • Window Treatments
  • Prom/Homecoming Dances
  • Display Cases
  • Cover Walls
  • Retail Window Displays
  • Special Events

Window Treatments – A pair of lights can be used on both sides of the window along with long absolute drape panels. The lights and textile panels can be hung down or softly dragged to a side during the daytime.

Prom/Homecoming Dances – You can create an environment for taking pictures, and you can add these lights to the hall rooms to add some elegance to your event

Display Cases – Big crystal showcases can look great with a collection or two on the background. Educational Institutes often put their accomplishments (Certificates, awards, etc.) in these showcases. They can be more attractive with these lights

Cover Walls – The tiny lights can immediately change the look of your whole room. Setting them behind a wall or on the wall on occasions won’t hurt. It can create a warm and intense environment for couples.

Retail Window Displays – You can light up any signs, banners, posters and showcases by using these tiny lights on the edges of the displays

Special Events – Marriage ceremonies and other occasions can be more attractive by adding these tiny lights to the decorations

You can also use the best rope lights in the following ways:

You can increase the light of your kid’s room by adding a collection or two in the room.

These lights can be placed on the back of a girl’s bedpost with pure white textile. This will create a soft glow in the room making the room comfortable and amusing.

They can be used on live occasions like a concert or party

Dances – The party theme can be enhanced by these lights

Christmas Displays – During the holiday of Christmas and the New Year’s Eve, you can use these lights as an elegant décor for your house.

Businesses and Restaurants – To attract customers to a special event or offer, these lights can be used to light up a side of the business or restaurants.

Our Recommended Best Curtain Lights [Top 5]


  • ZSTBT Linkable 300LED Window Curtain String Lights
  • Twinkle Star 300LED Window Curtain String Light
  • Outop 24V Safe Version 300LED Curtain Lights
  • LED Concepts 300-LED Curtain String Lights
  • Leapair 600LED


ZSTBT Linkable 300LED Window Curtain String Lights

  • 300 LEDs linkable window drape lights, regular US 110 volts, conserves energy with a total power of 9 0watts. To meet the necessities of UL 588 section 7 of the over the current guard. Low Voltage and safe.
  • For extensions, additional female plugs are provided. You can add up to 6 set of lights together
  • Special design: There is a regulator to change the light mode so that you can set it to your desired mode
  • You can highlight things by lighting them up with the Christmas Curtain Strings which measures 9.8 feet x 9.8 feels consisting of 16 strings.

They can be used in almost every occasions. You can hang it on anything to light it up.


LED Color: White

Voltage: 110 Volt

LED Quantity: 300pcs

Bulb LED color: White

Material: Polypropylene (PP; also known as polypropene) and Thermo Plastic Rubber (also known as TPR) and Chromium Vanadium (Also known as CR-V) Steel

Size: 3 Meters (9.84 feet) in width and 3 Meters (9.84 feet) in height

The plug cord to the controller is 1.5 Meters long, and the cable is transparent white.

It is the perfect product for decoration in various occasions such as Hotels, Food Courts, Business empires, for your love home, live shows and disco’s and so on.

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Twinkle Star 300LED Window Curtain String Light

  • It has eight modes. These modes include a solo and combo of, trails, gentle fade, sparkle, waves, etc.
  • Plug n Play! Just plugin and enjoy. No need for any hassle. Usual US power channel with 110V voltage. The span of the power cord is 8.85 feet, and the space between the cord and the controller is .98 feet.
  • It’s a perfect product for decorating you every day and occasional events.
  • Affordable price, these lights will fill your life with elegance.

There are eight different modes to choose from. You can select one for every different occasion. And the best part? No complications. Just Plug n Play! So it’s just the right thing to decorate your parties.

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Outop 24V Safe Version 300LED 

  • These Christmas drape fairy lights have a direct output of 24 volts, which is safe according to Extract Transform Load (ETL) certification. So the lights are safer than the usual ones.
  • These lights and cords are water resistant. IP44 certified. But the controller is not waterproof, so use it with caution. 3 meters (118.11 inches) in length and 3 meters (118.11 inches) in width.
  • The light features eight different combinations of flows, and they are controlled by the control panel.
  • Perfect for almost every occasions such as holiday events, marriage ceremonies, birthdays, etc.


Material of the cord (wire): 100% Pure Copper

Cord (Cable) Color: Clear (Transparent)

Number of LEDs: 300

Light Colors: Deep White

Main Cord (Wire): 9.8ft

Light Modes: a combination of waves, sequential, slow glow, running, gentle fade, twinkle, and steady.

Input: 110Volts

Output: 24Volts

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LED Concepts 300-LED Curtain String Lights

  • Multi-colored fairy drape lights (300 LEDs) with stylish super glow features eight special lighting effects to create an elegant outcome.
  • The additional waterfall drape elements add a perfect ground to roof appearance inside and outside for a neat look.
  • The perfect product for holiday events like Christmas and New Years. It adds beauty and style to the whole event
  • You can use it at your home or your shop. You can also add it to your business stalls.
  • The eight special modes add extra credit to your décor. And it’s easy to assemble. It also has a plug n play feature, no need for additional harassments. A power adapter is also included.
  • It measures 3 Meters x 3 Meters

Design your house with these lights during Christmas. Use the controller to switch between light effects for different occasions. Use it indoors and outdoors, decorate your backyard, add some lights to get a positive impact on your guests.
Make the lovely memories bright by using these in your marriage ceremony or anniversary. Also in birthdays, you can use the lights for every occasion. Add it to your bedroom to get a special effect while you fall asleep. The light effects might ease your eyes and help you sleep peacefully.

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Leapair 600LED

  • LEDs do not heat up too much. The electricity is transformed to low temp enlightenment which is less hot than the usual lights. They also have a greater lifespan than ordinary light bulbs. Another positive side of LEDs, it consumes less electricity.
  • On 24 pure copper wire drape cords, 600 LEDs are placed creating a brighter atmosphere, and the eight special light effects add extra weight to your decorations.
  • Plug n Play feature. No need to add parts to turn it on. And just one button for all the work
  • It perfectly suits all kind of events. It also suits your everyday home décor.

The LED is made waterproof. And during the cold times of the year, you don’t need to worry about your LED getting freeze. Because it features cold protection. Though the light controllers should be safe from severe temperatures.

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Add extra lights to your home. With these curtain lights, create a bright environment in and outside of your house. The lights can easily be used inside the house just by hanging them in the door curtains. And to use them outside, you need some extensions or curtain rod holders to hang them. Using fairy lights or indoor string lights can increase the elegance of your house.