Best Curtain Rod Brackets Reviews of 2017 that will turn You into a Curtain Wiz

Behind every great curtain, to hang it up properly is a very important aspect. Our curtain rail allows panel the curtain to span any length even go around corners.

Our numerous curtain rod brackets have a corner solution, too, and offer many choices of final to complete the look.

The hardware may be simple, but the importance of good curtain rod bracket is endless.

These would be great for lighter curtains. If you have heavier blackout curtains and these brackets are bent under their weight within a week. Do not bother for the price.

If you are looking for a cheap solution then you may choose the perfect product from the vendor.

Curtain rod brackets work perfect for holding up a lightweight curtain rod, the further you have to extend the brackets the less strength it will have to depend on how heavy your drape is.

Also depending on how long the rod is and how heavy your drapes are you might want to look into getting a third bracket for the middle to avoid a sagging curtain rod.

Best Curtain Rod Brackets:

  • Umbra Adjustable –  Curtain rod Brackets
  • Umbra Ceiling Mount Bracket

Umbra Adjustable – Rod Brackets

Umbra Ceiling Mount Bracket,Curtain rod brackets

Umbra Adjustable Brackets set quickly, and when expected. You may be totally pleased with the product. One rod is set close to the window and has a short, blackout curtain that closely fit against the window.

Then you h2have a second rod and second set of beautiful drapes.

These are hung nearer the ceiling and drape much longer down the wall.

The blackout drapes, obviously, are to block all the bright lights from entering the room and waking you up.

The second set of drape is for “pretty.” Your bedroom window must face as directly due east as it possible.

The minute that the sun breaks the horizon,

it lights up that window like one of these old spotlights they used at car dealerships that lit up the whole night sky. No way can we sleep.

This is our solution to the problem.

Most blackout curtains are not that attractive, but they are totally necessary to block lights. Having double rods like this, placed in different places on the wall or on the window, takes a bit of calculation to set them up so that they work and look right.

With these, you may able to adjust the brackets so that your “pretty” curtains hung smoothly, loose, and flowing over the black out curtains with no bunching or snagging on the underneath curtains.

You can use one on each end and one at the center because your “pretty” curtains are sheer therefore not heavy enough to need all four brackets.

If you were using heavier curtains, you would probably need all four brackets.

This would also work well if you needed to hang your drapes so that they fell nicely over blinds or Roman shades.

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Umbra Ceiling Mount Bracket

Umbra Ceiling Mount Bracket,Curtain rod brackets

Umbra Ceiling Mount Bracket for drapery rod, nickel

Hang drapery from your ceiling with the help of this set of two sleek brackets from Umbra, great for creating room dividers or for any conditions, such as concrete walls, where to drill into the wall is undesirable.

Designed to fit curtain rods up to 1-inch in diameter, these cast metal brackets are 3 to 1/2-inch long with a 1-7/8-inch in diameter base. Choose from several finishes to complement virtually any interior decor.

Universal designed, the brackets can also be used as standard wall-mount brackets. Brackets designed by Michelle Ivankovic for Umbra – original, modern, casual, functional and affordable design for the home.

  • Set of two Ceiling or Wall Mount Brackets by Umbra
  • Made of cast metal
  • 3 to 1/2-inches long with a 1 to 7/8-inch diameter base
  • Fits drapery rods up to 1-inch diameter
  • Design: Michelle Ivankovic

If you needed something that can hold up a rod that spans over 10 feet. If you have a bitter experience with your old rod brackets you should look for replacements. The new choice may make you hilarious.

Well made heavy constructions have the C-clamp as oppose to the ring bracket.

With the C-clamp make it’s easy to lift in and out the rod. It’s expandable to six inches.

Easy to install as long as you have to drill to make the pilot holes then it’s a snap to screw in. A great feature is that it leaves a small footprint on the wall.

The foot of the bracket is slightly under 2 inch as oppose to other brackets that are 4-5 inch. Also it really good that because of its expandable characteristic, if you need to change the direction and have the foot of the bracket horizontal it can be done easily.

The two brackets need to install on the side of the wood frame vertically.

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Adjustable Curtain Rod Brackets :adjustable curtain rod brackets

With over 170 customer reviews on Amazon, gray bunnys adjustable curtain rod bracket is our choice and Amazons choice.

It comes in a set of two.

These are very stylish.

They are of premium quality and supports very heavy drapes.

You will find screws that comes with it.

The best part is, it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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Wood Curtain Rod Brackets:wood curtain rod brackets

 Beme international brings you the best wood curtain rod brackets thats is available for money.

These comes in a set of two.

It has over 20 positive reviews.

You will definitely get good value for money.

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Double Curtain Rod Brackets:double curtain rod brackets

Double curtain rod brackets is must for double curtain rods.

Tejatans double drapery rod bracket set is the best in the field.

It has over 70 reviews in amazon and is Amazons choice.

This will support the rods upto 1.1 inch diameter.

You will get two of these high quality rod brackets in a set.

It extends 7.5 inches from the wall.

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Curtain Rod Shelf Bracketscurtain rod shelf brackets

Closet pros heavy duty curtain rod shelf bracket is highly recommended when you are looking for curtain shelf rod brackets.

Shelf tends to be really heavy, so go for a very strong and heavy duty bracket when you are buying one.

This bracket supports up to 1000 lbs which is really high.

It will hang 12 inches from the wall.

These comes in single. So learn how many you will need first or you might get more than what you need or less than what you need.

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Does it need a center bracket if used for 120 inches?

Ans: Usually no.

How far does it extend when it is fully extended?

Ans: 3.3 inches from the wall.

Does it come with screw?

Ans: Few comes with screws and few not. You should read product description carefully when buying one.

Is it possible to get a 3rd bracket?

Ans: Of course it is. You will have to order the extra when you are ordering it.

How do i install curtain rod brackets?

Ans: They are mounted with screws. These are hidden by the trim.

How to Install Curtain Rod Brackets 

Here is a video on how to install curtain rod:


Again the high quality brackets ensure the safety of you and your family. The rod may drop out from the low-quality brackets and may occur an accident. To avoid such unexpected situations, you should care about the curtain rod brackets.

Several kinds of curtain rod brackets are available in the market. You should choose the best one considering your demands.