Top 5 Door Panel Curtain Reviews to Give your Door a Lift [2017]

Best Door Panel Curtains

This is very difficult to choose a single door panel curtains from a lot of available curtains. Sometimes, You have to be bewildered due to a lot of options to collect the best one.

There are some criteria by which you can take your decision easily and solve the problem of collecting the best one which will suit your desire and decorate the house nicely. The following is a summary related to fixing the best door panel curtains.

A Comparison of the Best brands of Door Panel Curtains





Montauk Sheer Drapery Panel Montauk Sheer Drapery Panel Check now

53-Inch by 63-Inch Grommet Panel, Antique

Sheer Voile French Door Curtain Panel Sheer Voile Door Curtain Panel Check now

72-Inch French Door Curtain Panel, White

Aquazolax Solid Blackout Thermal Curtains Aquazolax Solid Blackout Thermal Curtains Check now

54″ W x 72″ L, Red

Deconovo Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains Deconovo Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains Check now

for Boys Room 42 By 95 Inch Dark Green 1 Pair

Tan French Door Curtain  Tan Door Curtain  Check now  One Panel, 54″ Wide x 72″ Long, Beige


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Through correct selection,  you can give a good finishing to your room. The proper combination of door curtains and other stuffs required to decorate the room implies the overall image of the home. With such proper selection, curtains can easily garnish a room instead of just giving an image of home.

So they are badly needed to be accurately chosen. A beautifier must be the consequence of a lot of research works and careful thinking. Choosing a right door panel curtain is not just a pattern but an art that increase the beauty of the interior design.

Best curtains for french doors or the best curtains for patio doors must suit the whole room and houses decoration. Otherwise no matter how beautiful it is, it just won’t match.

The type of fabrics, length, headings, style and color impact much to bring a different shape and beautiful looking of your doors as well as rooms of the house.

Factors behind selection of Fabrics, Colors, and Design

At first, You need to consider the interior design of the room. The curtains should match the floor’s colors. The types of room and size of the door should be taken into consideration in choosing the right door panel curtain. There are various types of rooms such as modern, narrow or relaxed, whether it is cozy or not.

Polished and Solid Curtains

Polished and Solid curtains provide a lot of options to decor your house. The room looks comfortable and it gives a beautiful match with the other decorative stuffs. It is a very attractive combination of furnitures.

Bright colors match very well with white floors. In this connection, other furniture,  bed sheets, and sofa should be in cream colors that will attract much. Moreover, if the room get a lot of sunlight, the bright color curtain may fade over the time. If the décor is formal and elegant, bold curtains will look out of place and draw too much attention.

Though the bright color curtains have the tendency to be dirty early and it is the subject to boredom to wash frequently, bright color is the best to bring the highest beauty from it.

A slight dark curtain can easily be mixed with the decor; it provides a different look to your room giving an uncommon image with the combination brightly colored wall.

Colorful curtain

If you choose yellow, deep dark or blue color curtains with soft fabrics, it will give an exceptional view, and these colors are a good combination with the wall or the door.

Similar curtains

Repeating colored curtains should be avoided though it sometimes matches well to the existing decor. Don’t hesitate to beautify your door with a solid color, as it can look amusing relating to the existing colors.

Large graphics door curtains have the excellent appearance as the decorative elements. In the airy room, for a subtle touch of vibrancy, use small, neutral prints, like dots or florals.

Striped curtains give a modern look while medallion pattern implies contemporary looks. So, don’t be afraid to go for any striped curtains.

Sheer curtains

The sheer curtains let the daylight to come in but give privacy, so they are suitable to use in a layered solution. Sheer curtains are highly affordable. So decorate subtly with sheer curtains that will introduce soft and elegant touch to the home decor. Embroidered sheer door curtains are a unique decor.

Dark curtains

The extinguishing or concealment of bright color in the curtain can bring an exceptional image in your house. It can be considered as the perfect relaxing interior for getting rid of unwanted light and decreasing noise in any room.

Cream Blackout curtains

Cream blackout curtain can be great for any house as the blackout curtains work like thermal curtain lining that keep the cold out and keep warm your room. It also brings luxury look to your house. There are some other curtains that have multiple layers to provide protection against the harmful elements. The availability of various types of colors gives you a variety of choice.

There is a list of door panel curtains. Go through the list and pick up your desired one!

Recommended Door panel curtains:

  • Sun Zero Easton Extra Wide Blackout Patio Door  Panel Curtain
  • Nicetown Room Darkening Thermal Curtain Panel
  • Stylemaster Homemade Products Splendor Batiste Door Panel Curtains
  • GoodGram Luxurious High Thread Sheer Voile Door Curtain Panel
  • Best Dreamcity One Piece Faux Linen Sheer French Door Curtain Panel


Sun Zero Easton Extra Wide Blackout Patio Door  Panel Curtain

Sun Zero Easton Extra Wide Blackout Patio Door Panel Curtain

  • 100% soft polyester
  • Totally Imported
  • Sold as Single Panel
  • Metal grommets
  • Patio door panel with pull wand
  • Blocks light
  • Purely soft and comfortable to touch
  • Washable through the use of machine

This type of door panel gives the opportunity to improve energy efficiency and bring a casual modern style to your patio doors. It blocks the sun from the room as well as protects home from the heat and cold. In the winter, it is highly sold and demanded.

When you are not willing to permit any light to come through, blackout door curtains are very suitable to use. In this case, you have to turn on a lamp to see the things in your room which brings a different look to your home. Blackout or opaque panels virtually block all light. You can maintain your privacy with this type of panel.

Nicetown Room Darkening Thermal Curtain Panel

Nicetown Room Darkening Thermal Curtain Panel

  • Tailored door curtain: This Package consists of one (1) door panel that measures 54″ wide x 40″ length. Bonus: totally adjustable TIE-BACK. And highly comfortable. DUO ROD POCKET design on each end gives the curtain a nice shape. The heavy material gives the feelings of soft on the touch without being bulky.
  • Gorgeous and comfortable environment: Elegant door panel obstructs the sunlight from entering the room. It creates a reserved environment. So you can feel comfortable to remain free from the outside impacts. Feel silence and reserved.
  • Economical: Furniture may be spoilt due to sunlight effect coming from the outside. Blackout door curtains do not allow sunlight to come in. It ensures the long lasting of your furniture that ultimately saves your money.
  • Easily installed: All the door panels are made by thread tried and these are pre-ironed. So you can easily install them right out of the package with your girdle rods. You can be highly satisfied with it.
  • Easy maintenance: Blackout curtains are made to last. Machine washable in cold water, tumble dry. The fabrics are so polished that it is ironed softly and quickly.

The material is super soft, and the color is deep. Hanging this door curtain at your door helps to block out cold.

Stylemaster Home Products Stylemaster Splendor Batiste Door Panel

Splendor Beige Batiste Door Panel

  • Two attractive colors: beige and white.
  • Easy to care as it is cleaned through machine and tumble dry low
  • Imported from The Republic of China maintaining 100% quality.

The panels let enough light in and maintain some privacy. The fit is clear, and they look fantastic on the patio doors. This stylish door curtain can easily suit in the room. It also gives a festive and traditional look.

Style master splendor door panel is made with 100% imported polyester fabric with a wide width of 48″ and a length of 40″. This colored door curtain manages to fit it in various type of room decor. A selection from different patterns and colors, choose either pencil pleat or eyelet to suit whatever you need.


GoodGram Luxurious High Thread Sheer Voile Door Curtain Panel

GoodGram Luxurious High Thread Sheer Voile Door Curtain Panel

  • Includes: (1) Door Curtain + (1) Tie Back
  • The dimension of curtains: 62 in. X 72 in.
  • Types of Fabrics: High Thread Sheer Voile
  • Care Instruction: Both Hand and Machine Washable
  • Fabric Content: 100% Polyester

This elegant piece of work provides privacy, but one can see the shape from the outside. Perfect blackout is not possible with these curtains, one can install these if they want cloudy view.



Best Dreamcity One Piece Faux Linen Sheer Door Curtain Panel

Best Dreamcity One Piece Faux Linen Sheer French Door Curtain Panel

  • 100% polyester
  • Imported Material
  • Highly suitable for summer time.
  • High-end faux linen is used rather than simple voile
  • Provides a neat look with soft appeal
  • Must hand wash, no bleaching, hang to dry, iron at low temperature.

Privacy and light control have already been easier with Best Dreamcity door panel curtains. They offer the best combination of privacy and light control that every homeowner looks for in the stores.

Door panel curtain plays a significant role in bringing a great look to your house. Proper selection of fabric and design from a variety of color is also important. The selection should be based on your choice and design of the room and door. Let us know if you have suggestions for more designs.