French Door Window Treatments – When and Why

french door window treatment


Did you now that French Doors are popularly known as French Door Windows?

These are very popularly used as room dividers or doorway to your balcony or porch. French Door Curtains gives these doors/windows a very soothing look which elevates the rooms decoration. Also, its used to totally black out the room when necessary.

To decide what kind of window treatment is good for you, you must be clear about couple of things:

  1. Are you looking for complete privacy
  2. Are you looking to decorate the room?
  3. Are you looking for a fabulous dressing for your french door window?
  4. How much light do you want through the curtain?

Once you have the answers of the questions, then look at the interior very closely and chose the best blinds for your French door according to your need. Treat your window nicely.


If you are looking for fabric french door window treatments, sheers or draperies should be the ultimate choice.


This is most widely used. You can get a variety of shades and styles to match your interior. Even you can make one yourself very easily.

If possible hang them sidewide, this will give the window a spacious look. Use beautiful binds to bind them when they are not open. You can find top quality curtain holdbacks to make sure your interior design look is intact.


Though sheer has a bit outdated look, it still is quite popular. You can hang them using rods. The most interesting thing is, you can use the sheers under the curtains. Just close them when you dont need much light or open them when you need light. Or just use screen shades instead of the curtains.

Bamboo Beads:

Bamboo beads are most modern. This is widely used nowadays. This has very good weight, so it just doesn’t flap around. This will give you a modern look and feel. These are highly durable, easily washable and you can use them for a very long period of time. So, once they are bought, you won’t layback and enjoy the look and feel for a very long period of time.


Honeycomb style drapes are very popular too. They come in lots and lots of different style and shade and size. You can easily find the one that is matching your homes look and feel. What I find most interesting about this is, you can buy them in 3 different type. Single, double, triple. Single allows to pass the most light,

What I find most interesting about this is, you can buy them in 3 different type. Single, double, triple. Single allows to pass the most light, triple is used to make the room darker.  That is when you dont want to enter much light to the room, go for the last one.

These options make it very easy for your french door window treatments.

Whichever treatment you decide to opt in for, make sure you be careful about it. Because changing the whole set of curtains will be very painful. Keep in mind about the filtering, decoration and everything you need to give your house a very elegant look.

Make sure your coverings are well built so that it won’t interfere with the door handle. You don’t want to remove the curtain everytime you want to open the door. It won’t be wise.

Also keep in mind how do you want them. If you always want to keep them open go for one style, if you always want to keep them close, go for another style. If it needs to be constantly open and closed, use soft fabric. Otherwise it might damage the doors or window.

So chose the best option for your french door window treatments wisely. Make sure you are making the proper use of your money and intelligence to get it right the first time.