How to Hang a Patio Door Curtain – Step by Step Guide [With Video]

Sun Zero Easton Extra Wide Blackout Patio Door Panel Curtain

Having trouble hanging patio door curtains?

No worries. We will guide you through the process step by step.

Hanging patio door curtains can be very challenging at time. Mainly because of the sizes and shapes. Sometimes the rods those are used to hang can be tricky to use. Sometimes it just isn’t the perfect shape or size. We can use some simple hack to make this process very easy.

Most of the time the patio doors are made of sliding glass doors. The basic problem is that it will move very often. So drapes have to be adjusted properly so that it moves with the sliding door. Otherwise, their will be unnecessary wrinkle. Or it might even get useless after a few times because of the traction.

Here is a step by step guide:

  • Make a rod pocket
  • Use the pleats that comes with it to make the pocket
  • Measure the door
  • Mark four inches out and right the door
  • Drill holes for the brackets
  • Hang the rod and screw it properly with the drill
  • Hang a tussle back half way down
  • Hang the curtains

Double curtain rods are the best when it comes to patio doors. It is easy to use, and gives a pleasant look.

Always use anchors when hanging rods on drywalls. Or it might just come off as the wall isnt strong enough to hold the weight.

Experiment with your draperies if possible. Always look for new ideas. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

If you are living in a small apartment, try to buy ones that matches your wall color.

If you are living in a large apartment, go for longer curtains, rods. This will give your home a bold look.

If you do not own the apartment, always consult with your landlord before doing anything. Most of the landlords do not give permission to make holes.

So better talk to them before doing anything rash. It will help you to stay out of trouble.

Have a look at this video for the more detailed view: