5 Amazing Magnetic Curtain Rod that will give your Curtain a Lift



Curtain rods add extra beauty to your gorgeous curtains and play a charming role to any room in your home. People do not use wooden curtain rod nowadays. They usually prefer magnetic curtain rod for the door curtain or bead curtain that have adjustable feature and stylish design.

Moreover, they last for a long time than wooden rods. Wide variety and shapes are available in the market ranging from vintage to ultra modern, contemporary to traditional.

There are many curtain rods or curtain rings in the online stores with new stylish designs and gorgeous color finish. Magazines, newspapers, different blogs and home decorating programs are excellent primary sources for ideas on how to decor the window and door curtains. The materials used to make this rod can vary widely. The magnetic parts are glued on the both ends of the rod. Wooden rods provide an antique look to your home décor.

Iron rods are very popular for their durability and little maintenance. Brass and chrome finish rods are becoming more fashionable as they increase the beauty of metal rod. Installation of the rod has become easy and does not require any sophisticated tools. Moreover, some curtain rods, like a magnetic curtain rod, does not require drilling or hooks. They are totally hookless.


A Comparison of the different brands of Magnetic Curtain Rod





Kenney Petite Café Magnetic Rod Kenney Petite Café  Check now

16 to 28-Inch, Silver

Magne Rod 00106 Magnetic Cafe Rod Magne Rod 00106 Magnetic Cafe Rod Check now

17-Inch by 30-Inch

Magnetic Curtain Rod for Steel Doors

Magnetic Rod for Steel Doors

Check now

7-30W White

Bali Blinds Magnetic Cafe Bali Blinds Magnetic Cafe Check now

16-28″, Bronze

Rod Desyne Magnetic Curtain Rod Rod Desyne   Check now

17-30″, Cocoa


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Magnetic Curtain Rod Advantages


Unlike traditional curtain rods, magnetic curtain rods are easier to mount, attach, adjust, and pull off. No screw or drill machine is required when you want to install them, so there would be no holes in your beautiful walls and would leave no scratch or marks when they are taken down. Moving a magnetic curtain rod is much easier compared to old ones. Changing curtains do not require much hard work. These rods’ most important feature is that they can be used over and over without any particular hassle.

Magnetic Curtain Rod Disadvantages


Everyone knows that if you want to use magnetic curtain rods, you must have the metal base to attach them. Otherwise, they will not work on your windows or doors. Obviously, steel doors, windows or metal bases are a must.

There is a wide variety of conventional curtain rods, but a few brands of the magnetic rod that you can purchase. The difficult part is to select an affordable product from a limited choice.

The magnetic strength of curtain rods varies from product to product and company to company. Make sure while making the purchase that you are getting the curtain rod with strongest magnets. These purchases will be more expensive and hassle. If you want to more heavier curtains, then conventional curtain rods would be a better choice to stick with.

Our Top 5 magnetic Curtain rod reviews:


Kenney Petite Café Kenney Petite Café Magnetic Rod


• Very strong magnetic curtain rod attaches to any steel surface like metal doors, windows, refrigerators or metal tool boxes
• Adjustable metal rod ranging from 16″ to 28″
• No tool or hardware required
• Gorgeous silver finish
• Plastic mounts
The Kenney brings you premium quality magnetic curtain rod for easing your home decoration. The curtain rod has a beautiful silver finish and matching plastic mounts. This adjustable curtain rod fit up to 28-inches. It is easy to install and does not require any hardware or tools. The Petite Cafe Magnetic Curtain Rod can be used for hanging towels, clothes or other linens.

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Magne Rod 00106 Magnetic Cafe RodMagne Rod 00106 Magnetic Cafe Rod


• No hardware, attaches in seconds
• Easily fits on all steel doors, no screw or any type of adhesive needed
• Lightweight aluminum construction
• Will not destroy steel doors or windows, leaves no mark at all
• Can mount on fridge or other appliances, can use as towel holder
• Innovative design
Magne Rod still manufactures the best magnetic rod available in the market. You have to purchase the original product to get the premium quality. Adjustable width range from 17- inches to 30-inches. No instrument, no screw or no other hardware is necessary to hang them properly.
It could be a nice gift also for anyone with a small beautiful kitchen. To dry damp towels or other kitchen handkerchiefs, these curtain rods can be used. Or even for blue shower curtains or white shower curtains.Before presenting to someone, please check if the door holds a magnet or not. It does not attach to aluminum doors or appliances. But I can tell you that it could be a handy gift.

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Magnetic Rod for Steel DoorsMagnetic Curtain Rod for Steel Doors

• High-quality product
• No instrument required
• Connects to steel doors in seconds
• Holds approximately 5 lbs
• Very Strong Magnets
You wanted to hang curtains on the metal front doors or patio doors or french doors but afraid to drill them thinking of it might destroy the look of the entrance. To provide you a perfect solution manufacturers invented a nice curtain rod that attaches using its strong magnets.

One may think that these rods cannot hold up tightly or do not use strong magnets, but Curtain Shop magnetic curtain will prove the notion wrong. They are nicely made and provides a gorgeous look to the doors and windows. So do not hesitate to buy these rods for your doors and windows.


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Bali Blinds Magnetic CafeBali Blinds Magnetic Cafe

• Easily removable curtain rod
• Rod length is adjustable
• Mount on steel doors, closets or windows
Want to get rid of hot sunlight during summer? Do not want to drill the walls for hanging curtains? A magnetic curtain rod can do the trick. You can use this on steel doors or anything that attaches it on.

They are easy to mount and enhance the beauty of your kitchen window or other window. You just cannot pull it down as they uses very strong magnets. It will win your heart!

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Rod DesyneRod Desyne Magnetic Curtain Rod

• The package includes one adjustable magnetic curtain rod
• Projection: 1 to 5/8″
• Steel Made
• Rod Desyne’s magnetic curtain rod is a perfect thing for steel surfaces to adhere.
You can set this up on steel doors, steel closets, and refrigerators. Attaches using magnetic force, so no drilling or cutting is required. This is a beautiful rod to purchase.

You can set up Rod Desyne’s Magnetic Curtain Rod in the kitchen and wherever you like it to have. It will please you with the outlook and quality. Whether you slam the door or shut it quickly, it would not fall off from its place unless you pull on with your hand.

Children may pull the curtains, so you have to be careful at that time. It is very easy to set up and nice looking. You should hang lightweight curtains in these rods. No more holes on your beautiful walls or doors. Are you ready to get a nice looking room this summer?

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Magnetic Curtain Rods for French Doors:

Magnetic curtain rods are really handy if you are not an expert with hammers and all. These are very easy to install and very decorative. You can easily use them for your french doors.

These are very strongly built and can hold the heaviest curtains. You can use them on still doors and metal doors.

These rods are so easy to install, you won’t have to do unnecessary stuffs to install them.

These curtain rods comes in different shapes and size. You can easily find one according to your need. If you are wondering about the curtains, here you will get everything you need to know.

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Magnetic Curtain Rod for Metal Doors:

The magnetic Curtain rods comes with adhesives strips that you can use on metal doors. These are so easy to use.

You don’t have to make any drill or anything which can damage the metal door.

Our most recommended one is kenny petite. This one is very cheap but very reliable.

You can go for the decorative rods as well. You will find wonderfully designed brackets and finials.

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Magnetic Sidelight Curtain Rods Reviews:

Magnetic Sidelight Curtain rods are the latest edition to the curtain rods.

These are wonderfully designed and very easy to use.

These rods have very strong easy to use magnets which you can easily use on doors, refrigerators etc.

You wont need any tools to install them. Most of these are metal with plastic mounts.

Our recommended sidelight curtain rod is kenney petite sidelight curtain rods. They have free shipping options.

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Does these curtain rods have middle brackets?

Ans: Most of them does. You can find here the best brackets in the market if you need extra.

How long do these rods extend?

Ans: You can order the rod according to you requirements. if required, you can use middle brackets to increase the reach.

How strong are the rods?

Ans: These are very strong rods. You can use them on french door curtains, patio door curtains without using rod brackets in middle.

How do i install this?

Ans: These are very easy to install. Almost all the Magnetic Curtain Rods comes with instruction manual. You can also watch the video below to understand how easy it is to install them.

How to Easily Hang Magnetic Curtain Rods:

Here is a video on how to hang curtain rods.


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