How to make a French Door Curtain and panel (Step by Step Guide)

how to create a french door curtain

French Door curtains are very easy to make. If you follow these very simple steps, you should make one in no time.

Just be careful when applying the tools. If you are new to sewing and everything, take help from others.

Step 1: Cut your fabric. Just measure the length and add one and a half inch to both sides.

Step 2: Purchase curtain rods. Make sure they go with your house design. These are very cheap. Here you will find the reviews of the best double curtain rods.

Step 3: Position each rod at least 1.5 inches above and 1.5 inches below the glass panel. This will help you to close the curtain properly.

Step 4: Wash your curtain material first. Then dry it and iron it properly.

Step 4: Find the ribbons which you will use later as tie backs.

Step 5:  Sew the side seams, top seams, and bottom seams.

Step 5: Hang the curtain and measure the bottom.

Step 6: Use the ribbons as tie backs and enjoy!

Have a look at this video for more clarification:

The Thing to remember is you have to plan ahead each and every step. Make sure your curtain matches the house decoration. Maybe buy your first curtain and make the next curtain.

You can make french door curtains from your other curtains as well. Just make sure they fit your door before starting anything. Otherwise, it just can come up short. Then both the curtains will be ruined.

If you are looking for heavy curtains, use the heavier material. Or you just can double material you used to give it a thick feeling. Blind curtains can be made in this way too. But you must choose the material wisely.

It is not a very good idea if you are not somewhat experienced in making this kind of thing before. You can always find panels and rods in a very cheap price. Have a look at the articles to get more ideas.

Let us know in the comments how did it go. Share with your friends so that he can be benefited too.